12 | Number 2 - Diego (3)

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Imagine: brokenugget_ enjoy ✨🍡
Can you do an imagine where Diego gets hurt and the reader goes to the mansion to look after him, and all his siblings tease them :3
Warning; Fluff

It was just a normal morning for Y/n L/n. Get up, go to the coffee shop for 8:00 before her acting class. She was gathering her things to leave the house when her phone rang.



'Um, sorry, I think you may have the wrong number'

'No I donttttttt. I found you in DiEgOs contacts!!'

'Diego? Is he okay?'

'No, he got ShoOoT'

'What the hell?! Where is he?'

'The Umbrella Academy. Bye bye now kisses to all peace on earth! Mwahhhh!'

The line hung up. She didn't even think twice about who the hell was on the phone just now, all she cared about was making sure Diego's alright. She rushed to the pharmacist to get some Paracetamol and bandages, and running to get some movies and sweets

She's known him since they were 4 years old - she knows what he loves.

The Umbrella Academy. Quite hard to miss. After two knocks on the huge door, a guy opened the door

'HelloooOoo! Welcome to my fellow abode' he spun round, holding his glass in the air

Y/n raised an eyebrow. 'Where's Diego?'

The guy did a fake gasp. 'You're the most beautiful girl in the world!'

'Come again?'

He clapped his hands with excitement. 'Ally, Lu-Lu, Five! Get down here!' he sang, and 3 more people came down the stairs, looking just as confused as she was

'This is the girl Diego has a humongous crush on!' He cried with glee, making the girl go bright red as the girl cheered. 'What's your name?'

'Um...I'm y/n.. I'm just here to see Diego. Apparently he got hurt'

'Ah yes, dear Brother has a boo-boo!' The original man sniffed and pretended to wipe a tear

The small boy sighed. 'I don't have time for this. He's upstairs. 3rd room on the left' Y/n nodded in response

'If you're gonna make our or have sex, make sure the door is LOCKED'


Y/n stood in front of Diego's door, knocking slightly, she heard a small voice, 'klaus I don't wanna here about the hippo trying to shit on your head-'

'Who's Klaus' she giggled, as Diego smiled at the sight of her

'You came' he smirked. 'That I did, is your friend on drugs?' He chuckled, and patted her bed for her to sit.

'That's my brother. You bought all the movies and candy we had as kids...how did you remember?'

'Who could forget? We watched and ate them every other week' the shared a laugh, before slipping some random movie in the DVD player

He groaned suddenly and grabbed his abdomen. 'Are you alright. Shit Diego...what the hell happened?' She gently lifted up his shirt to see a deep wound

She grabbed some anti-bacterial wipes and began to stitch up his wound

'You never know when to quit do you?' He wrapped a bandage around his torso as he grinned. But when she was about to get up, Diego sat up and sat her on his lap

'Be careful' she hissed as he winked, making her go a deep red. 'Can I be real with you for a sec?'

'Shoot' her breathing hitched at Diego's hand ran up and down her back, pulling her closer to him

'I like you' the both of them said at the same time. Y/n giggled, before kissing him softly on the lips.

The moment they both dreamed of. They separated, and Diego pulled y/n into her side and gave her a kiss on the head

'I can't believe you actually like me. Out of all people' he sighed happily, eyes fixated on the movie. Y/n looked up at him. 'Well newsflash, you're the only one I like' she kissed his jaw, before burying her head in his neck.

'Diego? Diegooooo? Can I come in?' Allison asked behind the door

Y/n and Him were cradled in each other's arms, both peacefully sleeping, her head resting on his chest with 'The Breakfast Club' playing in the background

Don't you...forget about me

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