11 | Number Five (8)

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'Can you do an imagine where Five and y/n go on a mission just the two of them and y/n gets shot'
Warning: Feelz

Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.

That's all Five could hear. That relieving sound ringing through his ears. He was convinced she wasn't going to make it. He was convinced her lost her.

It was pretty bad. Shot in both the leg and the stomach. Y/n L/n was the closest person Five had to him and he wasn't going to lose her now

* * * FLASHBACK * * *

'Now, this mission will be dangerous. We need you to be careful'

'I'll go!' Luther exclaimed, almost heroically

Diego rolled his eyes. 'I'll go'

'Neither of you are going' Dad snapped, shutting up both of the older boys

Dad turned to look at them. 'Y/n and Five are going on this mission' I stood up, shaking slightly

'W-what? You said I'm not ready dad! What if I lose control? W-w-what if I die?!' Her innocent voice cracked. Five grabbed her hand

'I'll protect you' he sent the girl a small smile

Five teleported them to the burnt down laboratory. There were men inside, sending the lab into flames and shooting anyone and everyone

'Look at this, boss!' One of the men snorted, as the two stood there, ready to beat the crap out of these guys

'Aw. What adorable kids! Too bad they have to die!' He cried, making the other man laugh

Five grabbed a knife from behind him and teleported behind one of the men, stabbing them in the head. Y/n ducked, hiding behind a counter

It was going well, Five was beating their asses, until he got strangled by the throat. 'I hope you're watching, girl. Watch your friend die'

She don't know what came over her. But y/n screamed, sending the men back and dropping Five

'You bitch!' She gasped, feeling blood gush out of her leg and stomach. She fell to the ground. She was losing blood fast

'NO' Five screamed, eliminating the rest of the men then rushing to her aid. The smoke was getting to high and the two of them were beginning to lose air.

'Y/n, stay. Don't leave me. Please don't go. No. Y/N!' He cried, tears streaming down his face as y/n slipped in and out of consciousness

'I love you, Number Five' she whispered before falling faintly into his arms

* * * END OF FLASHBACK * * *

'Five? You should go home and shower and get some rest, you're covered in blood' he looked down with a straight down at his bloody uniform

Her blood.

'Five' he locked eyes with Allison, before shaking his head. 'I'm not leaving her. I broke my promise' He buried his head in his hands

Allison sat down next to him. 'Go and have some time in the social area. I'll be back in about half hour with a change of clothes' Allison sent him a small smile before leaving

'I'm not leaving your side y/n/n'

Weeks went by. Months went by. Until the day came

'Five...what are you doing here?'

A small voice murmured. He jolted up to lock eyes with his partner. His crush. She's actually alive

He sighed in relief before swooping in and kissing her, as she smiled and grabbed his shoulder

'I'm sorry I let you down y/n/n' he mumbled, a tear falling down his cheek.

She kissed him again. 'What happened, happened. It's over now'

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