Michael x Popular!Reader =hate into love=

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I am a popular girl. I dress nice but not too revealing, I hang out with girly people and like all stereotypical popular girls, I'm a cheerleader. But oh I'm much more than that. You see I'm popular because I'm different. iM liKe sUPeR QUirKy.

"Hey N/N!" Kurt yells. "Catch!" I football then comes flying towards me. I. Hate. Balls.
I mean footballs and Basketballs... And stuff.
I quickly jump up and catch the ball. Even though I have a crippling fear of balls, I don't want to be judged. I don't care what people think of me it's just I don't like giving or showing them a reason to think like that. I don't know, it's weird. The insanely cool Jared Kleinman pops up behind me. I throw the ball back to Kurt, Ram and Jake.
"Evans birthday is soon. He's way too scared to ask you if you want to come in front of everyone." I look over Jared shoulder and see Evan leaning on a tree. He waves after checking if anyone was looking.
"Of course I'll go! He's like, my best friend." Jared nods and skips gayly back to the tree. Evan and I were friends since we were little. We've went to the same preschool, primary school and high school. Planning on the same college as well.

Then came Jeremy and Michael. They've never liked me. Just because I'm popular. I hate it. Especially because I like Michael. I'm not ashamed of think it. Actually... Never mind.

My face heats up and I look away. I tug at my skirt to pull it down more. I was wearing a black heathers outfit. I have a specific days of the week when I do because I don't feel like being this out there. Mine was a lot like Veronica's I guess. It's black with specks of gold thrown neatly around it. My socks are like Heather Chandlers but green. Then I have a green bow. I wear my hair half up half down with this.

"Yo Y/N. You alright? You look sick, you're face is all red." Rich asks. I nod not paying any attention at all because I'm busy looking again at Michael and Jeremy, they've pasted me already So their backs are facing me. Rich gasps excitedly. It's rare for me to have a crush. I've only had one in the past and its a celebrity crush.

"YOU SO LIKE ONE OF THEM!" Rich yells out whilst jumping up and down. I slap a hand over his mouth quickly and blush a deep red. Heh, like the colour of Michaels hoodie. Attention was drawn to me and Michael and Jeremy turn back around, "Y/N HAS A CRUSH!!!" Someone yells. Chatter erupted from the crowds and I was left there defenceless. Rich takes notice of this and apologies a lot. I frown and run away.

Time skip to the end of the dayyyyyy :333

I've tried to avoid Michael all day but it inevitably failed due to the teacher pairing me with him for an English assignment. We both decided to go to my house after school. So here we are. A boy partnered with a girl who fancys said boy.
"S-so uh. What do you do when you're like, bored?" Michael tries to make conversation but being me I freeze up and say something stupid.
"The theatrics." He nods. "What about you?"
"I uh I... Play video games." I smile to myself.
"What your favourite?" He shrugs.
"Apocalypse of the damned I guess..."
"Oh! That's one of my favourites too!" He looks at me surprised, "wait really? What else do you play?"
"I like RPGs. Things like Final Fantasy and Undertale. I like skyrim as Well. I play a lot of retro games. Things like Pac-Man and Doctor Mario. Donkey Kong is pretty cool. Funny how something so simplistic can make such an awesome plot or game." Michael seems a bit lost for words. He soon nods his head in approval.

Michaels POV

I think I just fell in love. Oh boy wait till I tell Jeremy how awesome Y/N is. We've dealt with people who come off just like Y/N but they've never been as nice or had such a warm aroma. I see my house and we stop parallel to it.
"We're here!" Y/N exclaims. Woah, we're neighbours and we've never realised it...
"You okay dude?"
"We're neighbours!"
She gasps and smiles. "I know!"
She nods. "I pay more attention to people than it seems. It's kinda weird because there could be a kid who I randomly talk to sometimes but I still know when they're sad or grossed out. Sometimes it's my ability to read people though."
I nod and she opens her house. "My dad is at work for a few days and my Mum and brother went shopping. So we've got the house to ourselves."

Time skipppp

We're currently watching a movie that's really good, I can't remember the name but it kinda reminded me of my school. Three stupid people and then one nice one who's dragged along. We're up to a scene with a dad and son with his girlfriend saying stuff like, 'oh I didn't hear you come in, dad!" It's weird.

We've finish the work for today so we just decided to chill. I think I fell in love though. Now I understand why people like her so much. Oh, Jeremy would love her too!... Platonically I hope. Yeah he's got Christine. Y/N yawned quietly and leaned onto my chest. I blush as red as my hoodie and stroke her hair out of instinct. It's so soft and pretty.

"Hey Michael..." I hm in response.
"I don't care what you think after what I'm about to say but I hope we could be friends even if it's fake friends."
"Why'd we ever stop being friends? I love you and I'd never want to stop being your friend."
"Well that's the thing, I love you. I love you so much. You're so cute and adorable and funny and God did I mention cute?" I sit there stunned,
"I-I love you too." A lot. We both blush a deep crimson red and gosh she looks pretty. "C-can I... Can I kiss you?" She nods. I lean in and take her chin. The kiss was short but sweet and wow, she's an amazing kisser. She crawls over into my lap and snuggles into the crook of my neck. I kiss her forehead and lay down. I spoon her and we watch the rest of the movie then drift off to sleep.

That was my last night of being a single man.
And my first kiss. :33
Well except for that one time when I accidentally kissed Jeremy. It's a long story.
But now I can say that I woke up hating Y/N but going to sleep loving the crap out of her her.

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