Thing you steal from them

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You steal his jackets.

You both find extremely funny how you were cold and as a joke her put his jacket on you- it practically DROWNED you! It's a joke you two have had even before you started dating

His mask/ suit

When your boyfriends on duty you love trying on his suit and mimicking him. He hides it in a new place every time, but you always find it. Except for the time he caught you and chased you round the house...

You take her sunglasses

Since your girlfriend is always stressed and busy, you love seeing her lighten up a little when you both grab her old scarves and sunglasses and dance around the house listening to old songs she listened to as a girl

You steal his music

You love listening to Klaus's old music, so you're constantly sneaking into his room and 'borrowing' them. He'll always know if you took them though, then, he'd attack you with hugs and kisses

Number Five:
You love stealing Fives his blazers

Believe it or not, his Blazers are really cozy, considering there were trapped in a closet for over 20 years. You'll always take one which is draped on his chair and pretend it's a cape, which will always make him laugh and join in- like little kids. Fitting.

You steal his hats

Your boyfriend has plenty of hats lying around, so you always put them on and pretend to be a 'rich' person from the 1600's. And you put on a pretty mean British accent, then you both just tried to learn British, which confused Ben's siblings A LOT.

You take her books

Personally, you think Vanya should go out more and witness the 'real world' so you once took her books then took her out for dinner. She loved seeing Toronto properly and you surprisingly loved the books she reads- guess you both learnt something new

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