Where they kiss you

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He kisses your hands. They're so tiny compared to his monster hands, so he cherishes them.

He kisses your collarbone. It's similar what you do to him. When you're busy or having your back turned, he can wrap his arms around you and reach over to kiss your collarbone, then your neck, making you lean into him. It gets you distracted every time

You and Allison are constantly afraid of having paparazzi following your every move, so she gives you a simple kiss on the cheek. Being famous definitely comes with its pros and cons!

He loves kissing the top of your head. He knows you're very self-conscious about a lot of things, so he kisses you on the head to assure you that he loves you

Number 5:
He loves to kiss your neck, it's the most sensitive part of your body, and always sends shivers down your spine. Whenever he has the chance he'll leave a soft kiss lingering on your neck, before kissing your lips

He always kisses your lips. You two do this cute thing where you steal a kiss from the other person. So you could just be walking past when he'd randomly kiss you on the lips and tells you how much he loves you

Being Vanya, she kisses you on the forehead. She grew up alone, and lived on her own for most of it, so she always wants to make sure you're with her

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