10 | Number Five (7)

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Imagine: part 2 to peculiar__child 's request
'Can you do an imagine where Five and the reader get married in the future and they come back and they're kids again and the Umbrella Academy find it funny'

Around Five years. That's how long you and your husband had been married. Number Five now worked as a Hitman and you worked as a manager in the 'Time and Space' unit

You went to meet him at the day of the president, when he discovered his powers had returned

'This is incredible!' You cheered, kissing him on the cheek

'We're going back to the past' he grabbed you by the waist and created a portal

He turned to look at you. 'Are you ready?' You looked up at him. 'I'm ready for anything as long as I'm with you'

The two of you stepped through, but as you travelled through time, you felt your hair grow longer and your legs shrink

Was this meant to happen?

Both of you landed in a heap on the floor, covered in dust and leaves

'Is that just me, or is that little Number One and Five?' A voice I knew all to familiarly spoke


'Sis?' You stood up, took a look at yourself and screamed, 'shit!' Then you saw all your siblings. Klaus, Allison, Vanya, Diego...and Luther. Your twin brother who you abandoned all those years ago. He opened his arms as you ran towards him, picking you up in his arms

'So how long were you guys in the future?'

'35 years, give or take' Five was sat on a chair, me sitting on his leg

'So how long has...this been going on for' the motioned to the two of you

You laughed awkwardly. Even if you're in the past, the both of you are technically still married. 'Well, dear sister, funny you say that...'

'We're kind of, Well...'

'Married' The others looked at the both of you in shock

Then bursted out laughing

Like, hysterical. Klaus was on the floor, all of the others were crying. 'What's so funny?' You asked confused

'I-it's just the fact t-two fourteen year olds are married!' Diego snorted bashing his hand down on the table, even Vanya was laughing

I dragged Five away. He looked somewhat hurt. 'Don't worry about it baby, that's what siblings do. I couldn't care less as long as I'm with you' you pulled your (now teenage) husband into a huge hug, your arms wrapped around his neck, playing with his loose strands of hair, and his hands resting at the small of your back

'It's gonna be fine'

Sorry it's short!!😬💕

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