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realized i really don't like meat lmao, i'm not vegetarian or anything, i can eat meat, i just don't like it! wtf is wrong with me.

we went to this buffet thing and there was this turkey that i didn't fancy, because, i DiSPISE chicken, i hate steak.

but bacon, oooohhhh bacon, that is my angel from the heavens lmao. so is gammon, really well-cooked gammon though is a liKKLe bit shit..

though, the subliminals are putting a better mindset to me, i'm still ass wipes at times but i feel better and not just...yanno, grouchy and miserable all the time.

so, i've been able to motivate myself from time to time to tome my abdomen area, because, that's the area that i'm most uncomfortable with my body. it's like that for a whole lot of people.

i do:

40+ squats
10+ seconds of plank
25+ sit ups
15+ leg raises

not much, but the more i push myself to do, the more i'll be able to do :)

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