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Yixing left Ji Ah inside the room. He told her to wait while he talked for a bit.

I locked the window. I locked the window, right?

He opened up the door to the living room, where all the guys were. He was unsure who to ask about this.

He walked up to Jongin, Chanyeol, and Luhan, who were enjoying a drink over at the bar.

"'Xing, where's your shirt?" Luhan snickered, already drunk.

Chanyeol elbowed him. "I take it you and the girl hit it off?"

"Yeah." Yixing replied, distracted. His eyes wandered around, looking for Junmyeon.

"Junmyeon's not here," Jongin said, redirecting Yixing's attention. Jongin had always been able to tell what he was thinking, what he felt. They'd been good friends for a long time now.

"Jongin," Yixing said, pushing Luhan out of his seat. "What are we going to do about the girl? Like where's she gonna stay, what's she gonna be doing, like, we've never had hostages that we don't torture. How does this work?"

Luhan had fallen on the ground at this point, and his drink had spilled, causing Yixing to snicker before continuing. "Asshat." Luhan muttered, stumbling off of the ground.

"We can't let her go, Yixing. If we do, we all suffer," Jongin sighed, handing him a drink.

Yixing took a sip. "I know, I know that."

"Junmyeon said she stays upstairs until we need her." He let out a belch. "Speaking of which, he's gone on reconnaissance with Minseok, Kris, and Kyungsoo. Anyways, I don't know what you have planned, or if you're taking sympathy for that girl, but there's nothing you can do. Treat her with caution, but not a prisoner. We're not here to torture her or whatnot. If she resists, though, or does anything to jeopardize an operation, she's dead."

Yixing nodded, agreeing with the one sound mind in the room.

"That's a R.I.P., right there," Luhan chimed in, babbling from across the table.

"Yeah, it is. That and the fact that we have a transaction two weeks from now with Bangtan." Jongin scoffed, taking a long swig.

Yixing choked. "What do they want this time?"

"We chose them to help us take down the Tamaki family, now they want 50 grand."

"They know we don't collect profits. We're not mercenaries. We don't have that kind of money," Yixing snarled, frustrated with their choices in confiding in Bangtan. GOT7 wouldn't have charged them to help take down the Tamaki family.

"Well, they expect something."

Both of them stayed silent, contemplating the week ahead and whether they would live to see the next.

"Yixing, will you and Chanyeol come with me for the transaction?"

"Yeah." Yixing grunted. He would, really, he would go. But he wasn't the smoothest liar, meaning Jongin and Chanyeol would have to carry the team. He'd most likely watch from afar, make sure nothing went wrong.

Ji Ah had been left in their medical room, or whatever they had decided to call it. As soon as Yixing had left, she rushed to the window, pulling on it, trying to break through. However, it didn't budge, even when she got desperate and drove the scalpel into it. The blade shattered, and the window remained untouched.

Of course, when someone stabs a window, it makes a sound.

And so it did for Ji Ah.

Seconds following her attempt at breaking the window, Baekhyun stormed in, fists clenched.

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