8 | Number Five (5)

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Warning: NSFW, but not complete smut 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

It was around 11pm when you began panicking. Five, your boyfriend, was meant to be here over 2 hours ago. You rung his mobile and your friend, Vanya to ask of his whereabouts but he wouldn't respond

What made things worse, was that it was stormy outside, and Five, as well as most people, knew Lightning was one of your biggest fears

'Hey baby I'm home- y/n?' Five rushed over to the corner to see your head in bundles of blankets, not wanting to look up, and jumping every time the lightning clashed

Five grabbed hold of your hands. 'It's okay baby, you have me...it'll all be okay. Lightning isn't gonna hurt you' he whispered soothingly in your ear as you rocked your shaking body against his

'W-where were y-you? I've been waiting f-for hours' you said in a small voice as Five looked down guiltily

He engulfed you in a hug. 'Just had some last minute people to take care of. But I'm here now, there's nothing to worry about' he tilted your chin upright, so he could kiss you

Now this is what you were waiting for. It was Five's last day working until his break, so you wanted to make tonight just about you and him

You kissed back, falling back slightly as he caressed your cheek. Then all of a sudden, he picked you up

You could tell he'd been waiting for this. Wow, Klaus was right. Old men do get horny when they're on their own for 30 years

You were both light and smaller than Five, so it was easy to pick you up. He placed you on the nearest surface he could find, the counter.

He quickly stood himself in between your legs and reconnected your lips. This wasn't the first time you'd made out with Five, but you could tell there was more of a passion, an urge behind it

You felt his hand brushing your hair out the way, making your head lean to the side. You wrapped your legs tightly around his waist. He slotted his head in the crook of your neck, leaving marks, which made you let out a small whine

'What was that?' He whispered huskily in your ear, biting on the same place again. Your hands travelled up into his dark hair, grabbing fistfuls

'I said-' he snapped, squeezing your ass which made you gasp

This was new. But it didn't mean you didn't love it

'What did you say' he continued, still leaving marks on your neck

You leaned your head back in bliss. How was he so fucking good at this?!

'I-I...' You stuttered, his hand drifting up and down your thigh. 'Now you're gonna have to use words y/n' he whispered, biting on your earlobe. You grabbed one of the counters above you so you could arch your body against his

He could feel his hands playing at the hem of your shirt, your hands still lost in his hair. Five adjusted you slightly, and pulled you towards him.

With your legs wrapped firmly round his waist, 'it's okay if you don't want this' he looked down, kind of embarrassed. Five was never embarrassed.

You placed a finger to his lips and pulled your shirt over your head, as he looked you up and down. 'Beautiful' he mumbled, blushing

'Sorry, what was that?' You smirked as you took off his shirt and he teleported the both of you to his room.

Grinning, you pushed him over so you were on top of him. You gently rolled your hips against his, as one of his hands grabbed your ass and the other gripped your waist.

You started by kissing his jaw. His weakness. You knew what he loved. He groaned as you bought more friction

He growled, flipping you over, which took the breath out of you. He arched your back so you could slip out of your jeans, and kept rolling his hips against yours, which made the friction 100% better

You were breathing heavily and even forgot how to say actual sentences. You whined your boyfriends name over and over as he continued to bite on your neck again, all whilst grinding on you

Your head hit your pillow. Was he going to make you have your first orgasm without even having sex? This boys a godsend. But before things could get anymore heated, the doorbell rang

'Shit- I ordered food' you mumbled, grabbing your jeans and shirt, when Five pouted

'But I'm not hungry' he whined

'Lemme just grab this' you went to the door and grabbed the food, only to be pushed against the wall

Five nibbled on your neck. 'Now, where were we?'

'Klaus was right. You must've been so horny in the future'


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