Chapter 2

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*Sakshi pov*

When the door was unlocked my parents and Raghu's parents entered our room even Rakesh. What's happening here?

My father slowly asked Raghu's parents, "Why did he run away?" who did run away??

"We don't know Rakesh is the one that told us that he ran away." They said.

"You answer now Rakesh." My dad asked him.

"Wait dad! who ran away?" I asked him.

"Raghu is the one." Rakesh answered me slowly and turned towards my dad and said, "He ran away from marriage because Sakshi has relationship with other person he got heart broke so that's why."

"What??" was the reply from every one of us?

"How was he so sure that she was having a relation with another man?" my father asked calmly.

"He saw the photos of her and another man hugging and all by that he found out." Rakesh replied calmly.

This is terrible joke, it's just a joke. They are just pranking and all or this may be the dream. Ya that's it.

"Where did he have the photos from? Who send them?" My father asked him.

"Actually I clicked the photos, I was the one that saw her with another man." Rakesh answered.

Where did he saw me with another man, was it in his dreams or what?

"And he just believed those and ran away. Is this some joke?" I asked him. I seriously want some answers.

"Sakshi don't talk." My father told me furiously.

"But dad how could we not when he is lying." I asked my dad.

"Is he??" My father asked me with fury in his eyes towards me.

"Wha...what are you trying to say dad? Do you believe this? He is completely lying dad trust me." I pleaded with my dad.

Out of nowhere he slapped me, "Trust you, you just disgraced the family." He shouted at me.

"Control yourself, what can we do if she did this disgusting act." my mom told my dad.

I looked at my mom shocking, she too doesn't trust me.

"What is this? How can your daughter steep so low? Our name will be talked now in the society there will be gossiping matter for everyone else." Raghu's father told my dad.

"Thank god. My son didn't get married to you." His mother told me with disgusted look.

I don't know what to feel it's like I became numb. I fell silently on the chair with tears in my eyes but holding them to not flow.

How can my parents don't believe me? Does 21years not come into count? I can expect Raghu and his family but my own parents.

"There must be a misunderstanding. She would never do that." Trisha said to which Lalitha nodded.

AH!!! How I wish those words come from my parents.

Trisha walked up to Rakesh and said "Can we see the photos?"

He nodded and handled over the envelope. Trisha opened them and looked at them in shock. In few seconds she was in fury at Rakesh glared at him and turned towards us and said "The supposed other guy with whom Sakshi is having relation is Jaan. The person in photo is Jann."

My parents and Raghu's parents stood there in shock with hands over their mouths. As they all know Jaan and also about him. He was dear to them even for Raghu's parents when they come to our house.

"Oh my god!! How can you accuse her of being in relation with Jaan. He is gay for god sake and you all know that." Trisha shouted at all of them.

Then Rakesh who was confused at first after hearing that he too was in shock. As for me I can't do anything I just sat there thinking this is all just a bad dream.

*Rakesh pov*

I never hated myself like this before. How stupid am I? He is a gay and i doubted her, I didn't even asked her and just assumed.

I am sick because of me her father even slapped her. I was about to tell sorry, When the person in the photo entered the room with another man.

He started saying "Hey Sakshi guess what, you were right he loves me and he proposed to me yesterday.I am going to get married and you will be my best man." very excitingly without looking at her completely.

Sakshi just sat there numbly, oh how I want to slap myself.

"What doll, what happened?" He asked worriedly after looking at her.

One of her friend filled him with all what's happening.

"Who the hell clicked the photos?" he asked with rage.

I rose my hand gulping. He may be gay but he is strong.

"Are you blind? I was crying like a girl over there and she was just consoling like a sister would do and you thought of a relation between us. You are sick." He told me. 

I wanted to say to him that those are exactly my words but kept quiet.

"We need to fix this." my father told her father.

"I don't know what to do." he replied.

"Why don't we get Rakesh and Sakshi married?" My mom asked out of nowhere.

My eyes widened, how could she even think this. When I looked at Sakshi it's like she is not even in this world. She is sitting like a beautiful doll.

Wait! Wait! What did I just say? How can I say beautiful? She was going to be my sister in law until few days back for god sake. Even though it's the truth. My mom's worlds seriously disturbed my mind.

"We can do that. Come on we need to prepare. You are okay with this right." My father asked her father.

He nodded his head looking at his daughter with pain expression. 

They were about to leave when I said "You didn't asked us." I told my mom.

By which she glared at me and said "You caused this. You are going to deal with it."

After they left, her friends reached me and asked "Do you have any present girlfriend or Lover? Just answer the truth. If there is any we will take our friend from here somewhere else. We will not let this marriage happen." Trisha said completely serious.

"No for both. But you need to ask sakshi." I told them. There is no other way I created this and I will bear with it only if she accepts.

"Does she look like she is going to say anything? She just got a blow from not only from your brother but also her parents. Just take care of her. Hurt her and you will deal with all of us." Lalitha told me with fury.

I nodded and left them alone to get ready.

The wedding was like a storm when it passed away we don't even get to know.

When it was time to leave, Sakshi didn't cried at all. She didn't even say anything to her parents. She just hugged her friends and got inside the car. Her parents have the painfullness in their eyes.

We reached our house. After few rituals, my mom took her to my bedroom. That's when it hit me; Today is our first wedding night.............

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