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Ji Ah didn't exactly expect her birthday to go the way it did.

It started off fine. She took the day off at the clinic, snuggled up underneath her multiple blankets, and watched a few k-dramas while feasting on ramen.

Which is the best way to celebrate your birthday, by the way.

She tossed her food to the side and got off of the couch, letting out a long stretch.

Although she was finally 23, she still had responsibilities. So, reluctantly, she slipped on her gray bomber jacket and stepped outside.

The market was only a ten minute walk away, leaving Ji Ah to reasonably decide it was best to just walk.

She was a logical woman after all, there was no need to drive, really. Her 4.0 GPA had to mean something, right? And it did. She was a licensed surgeon, the best in the area, according to patients.

Ji Ah strolled down the sidewalk, headphones in her ears. She was a BIGBANG fan, and had been since she was little. Consequently, Let's Not Fall in Love blasted in her ears. She swayed to the beat, a smile on her face as she mimicked the choreography.

She entered the grocery store dancing and grinning, empty handed, then left, sulking with three bags in each hand.

She had run into an old acquaintance, and Ji Ah hadn't really planned on being social that day. So Ji Ah just smiled and waved, trying to be polite even though she just wanted to go hide behind an aisle.

As she checked out, her eyes wandered to the tv up front, that was displaying the news. The headline read, "EXO, gang, once again is released due to lack of evidence."

This had been a normal occurrence, unfortunately for every law enforcer in the country. Korea had first heard of EXO when lead politician, Choi Se Jun, had been murdered at 35. There had been a number of gangs and mobs in Korea, but none have made an appearance this big, and appearance involving assassinating a political figure. After police investigation, a witness came forward, saying the culprits were a well known gang called EXO, and that they killed Se Jun. Although this was a good lead, it was never enough evidence to get the twelve of them acquitted. As more figures fell, their names spread, and they were the prime suspects and the talk of all major news outlets. But without the right evidence, they kept getting released.

Ji Ah sighed, exiting the store. Maybe she should've majored in law enforcement instead of health and medicine and finally condemned EXO. The police should've been able to do it by now, especially if their kill count had supposedly risen to over 20 well protected politicians.

Ji Ah wandered back up the street, stuffing her headphones in her pocket. Her expired Spotify premium trial and her unexpected meetup had destroyed her mood, despite it being her birthday.

Just as she reached the crosswalk, she heard a muffled shout behind her.

Be smart, Ji Ah. Put that GPA to good use, please.

It seems she wasn't as logical as anyone thought, because she backtracked to investigate.

The noise came from an alley on her right. Her hands grazed the red bricks as she peered over the corner. She leaned in, trying to see the people above the rusted green trash cans.

Heart pounding, she counted three men, four if she had counted the one on the ground, clutching his stomach in pain. She winced as she noticed the gash along his cheek.

The three standing were dressed in black, one was wearing leather and multiple lip rings, the other was wearing black pants and army boots, topped with a jacket with a red dragon on the back, and the last was wearing a red shirt with a sweatshirt on top with black ripped jeans.

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