Icy Memories.

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The snow fell around me, light as a feather
I felt myself enjoying the harsh, yet soothing weather

As I stared out beyond the hopeful white mush
Flickered in my mind the former soul of my friend;my crush

Suddenly everything was darker, not soothing anymore
My smile disappeared from my face
As did the happiness from my wounded spirit
And hidden memories surfaced above my icy heart

Looking at the snow dissolving on the cold, hard ground
Forced me to remember how our love dissipated
Even then his death had broken me
Shattered my soul into a million pieces

I hate myself for listening to his words of comfort as he slipped away
Because it was impossible for me not to cry
As I watched him slowly die

A/N: This poem was not just written by me like always. I had the opportunity to work with AlwaysReading2 and honestly I'm honored that I got to! Please check out her work, 'PoeTree'.

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