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Vini was lying in his bath tub conscious. A hawk came near the window with something aqua coloured in its beak. It was a towel, a special towel made for him and only him. It was very stinky, very very stinky. It threw it over his face.

The hawk was also not a normal one it was a yellow hawk, who fed always at poops o' people. He wanted to give this towel given to him by Drain Don-Dambhar stink to a person who was the one bathed least. It threw it over his face and flew away.

Vini leapt upon his two feet, stared around, peed in his bathtub, cleaned his hands from that towel, then put it around his back, kicked the door off...

His arms began to change, his muscles... shrunken, and he became feeble, and then within a flash of light, his muscles buffed up.

As his daily schedule he ironed his hair, combed up his track suit, polished his bread and buttered his shoes. He stuffed the stinky bread in his 4cm long and broad mouth. And ran swiftly...jumped from the very high window of 1st floor.3 FEET LONG...HOW CAN a 4 FEET BOY JUMP FROM a WINDOW AND THERE IS 1 DAMN' FEET, HIS FEET CAN TAMPER! But he struggled, jumped, crossed the road and chose the lanes to travel. He always wanted to save the little 7 feet man from Aunt Kachrawali who always threw garbage at his head from the short 10th floor. But something was new in him now, what he never felt before. He tried to rescue the poor 7 feet fellow from the Kachrawali.

He ran swiftly, very swiftly. The dustbin was next to her feet, she approached, Vini also approached, the poor shortest man was 300m far, she struggled to bend, he sped up more, she bent, he ran, she held the SONY WEGA dustbin in his hands ,but something was getting wrong with Vini, it was the most awful time for him, he ate just a bread, but that also affected his stomach, his back felt heavy, farted ferociously... and zoom...100 kmph speed he chased the poor fellow. Meanwhile she had lifted up it till her belly, breast, face, she licked a bit garbage, stretched her arms such that the garbage was parallel and perpendicular to 7futiya, she inverted the crash tin............

But Zooom-O-Zag, before the pieces of stinking bananas, fungused bread, spitted tobacco, half munched leg piece mixed with urine fell on 7's skull, vini reached there flying with the force o' fart ,all the crap clustered over his head, but he saved the man, he pushed him with extreme force (however less than the farter force = pressure + smell / Newton's ass. which meant that the 100 kmph was {100Vin}.S.I unit for fart force...where S.I stands for smell index)But in vain f.f(Farting force) was used, the result of the push was that he got stuffed in municipality dustbin 100 meters away. He could not believe his force. The kachrawali was abusing, slanging Vini. Then the 7 foot man appeared. Vini raised his face. The neat and clean man slapped him on cheeks. Oh but what Vini didn't felt anything hard on his face, but something happened, the man's hand began to stink ,dark green coloured smoke started coming from his hands .He ran away, she ran away. Vini was the only ONE remaining there itching his arm pits.

He realized his powers...He had became the greatest superhero of the era, greatest Phnom, nothing could stop him nothing could stop


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