Days when they're off work

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When you're both off work, you love going to the park and taking long walks. It's where you become calmer

(My personal fave)
Now Diego, he'll do what ever he can to make you happy. So when he's off duty, you'll do adorable things like take selfies and cuddle and wear face masks- it's your favorite day of the year

When Allison has no meetings or red carpets, you both enjoy staying in bed for a couple hours longer, then you both come downstairs and make yourself a lunch

As strange as it sounds (oh who am I kidding it's the umbrella Academy I'm talking about), you and Klaus love singing to old 80's songs from your childhood and doing karaoke

Number 5:
Now, Five and you do baking. He's actually a really good cook, whereas you can make a mess by touching a spoon. It normally ends up in a ingredient fight, but you are both happy

You love carnivals. So Ben always takes you when there's a new one in town. You love the lights, the smell, the colours... and Ben just did whatever he could so you could be happy

Believe it or not (shocker), she'd teach you how to play the violin. It was the only thing she thought she was good at so she stuck to what she knew. However, you always managed to get her to sit down and play a couple board games

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