Chapter Twenty Eight

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Lifting my head tiredly, I squinted to see the other side of the bed was still empty. As it has been for three days. The only other person in the room was the older Omega in the chair by the bed. I disliked her very much. No matter that she's been making sure I'm eating and staying hydrated. I have begged and cried for my Mate, and no matter what, she won't get him for me.

I had thought my Heat was bad before, but without Robby around, it's been insufferable.

"Good morning sweetheart, feeling any better?"

My eyes narrowed and my head dropped back down against the pillow. I wanted her to go away.

Mrs. Anne Ellis only laughed softly. Who'd have thought my Home Ec. teacher would have such a sweet Mate. The large pink glasses looked like she'd had them since the eighties, and the thick baby blue crocheted sweater made me think she had ten cats at home.

She stood up and poured me a glass of orange juice from the cart that stayed supplied with everything I'd need. I think mom has been coming in to check on me but I couldn't really remember.

Pushing myself up against the headboard, I accepted the cold drink and greedily took a sip. Thankfully, I didn't feel so bad today. My body ached, as well as my head. Like a hangover, only worse. I never wanted to go through my Heat again.

Mrs. Anne reached out and felt my forehead, smiling when I didn't flinch away or cry out from pain.

"You're lucky it's ending so soon, sometimes it could last up to two weeks."

Choking on my orange juice, I tried not to spill it all over the bed. Mrs. Anne took the glass, laughing at my reaction to her words. If I had to endure two weeks of Heat and I didn't kill myself first, I'd make sure to kill Robert. That asshole.

Making sure the sheet was wrapped around me, I struggled getting out of the bed. I needed a shower desperately.

"Your Mother brought you some clothes." Anne pointed out the stack sitting neatly folded on the desk.

So mom did come by. I was stuck between thankful and embarrassed. If I'm remembering correctly, most of my time had been spent begging for my Mate, and whining in need; unable to get many words out.

Between the slick and the sweat, I felt clammy and dirty.

Almost tripping over the sheet wrapped around me, I eventually made it to the bathroom and took a very long, very hot shower. In that time I thought of all the ways to make Robby pay for abandoning me while I was in such a vulnerable state. Keying his car was at the forefront. I'm almost positive he'd cry over that. I didn't care though, he'd made me cry and go through the most painful Heat I've ever experienced. All because of one comment I had made. Which had really been a question I wanted the answer to. Now more than ever.

Fuck a key, a bat will do more damage.

Finishing up in the shower, I sluggishly dried off and went out to the room for my clothes. Mrs. Anne was gone, probably relieved that she didn't have to watch over me anymore.

It was strange having someone that wasn't my Mate witness me going through my Heat. It wasn't unusual though. Omegas help each other all the time. I've just always been alone because no one really likes me.

Robby must've sent Mrs. Anne to sit with me after he left without a word. I don't know why he was so upset. It wasn't like I lied or accused him of anything. It was just a question.

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