Chapter 19

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They sat across from one another at the large kitchen table. Both staring straight at one another.

"We can't play this game forever." He finally said and she nodded at him, slowly. Rowan felt like her whole world was over in a blink, she couldn't stop thinking.

"I want him dead, Harry." Harry nodded, running his fingers over the rings on his right hand. She was pissed, beyond pissed.

"Baby, it doesn't just work like that." She slammed her hands down on the table and stood, her death glare shooting daggers at him.

"It does work like that! It will work like that!" She yelled, he only rolled his eyes at her. He was driving her fucking crazy, but she was doing the same to him.

"Sit down." He commanded and she stayed standing. Both of them sending glares back and forth. She groaned before moving from her place and heading towards the large kitchen doors that were supposed to be giving them privacy, but she knew their yells could be heard all over the house.

"Rowan," He said sternly again, causing her to stop in her place. "I said sit down."

"He deserves to die." She said, her body still facing the door frame. She couldn't help the tears brimming over her eyes.

"You don't get to decide that." He replied.

"I don't?" She asked turning around. "But he got to decide didn't he? He got to decide who lived and who died. He got to decide to let that baby live in a fucking dungeon for the two years of her life! He got to decide Harry! Why don't I?"

"That's what you want?" He asked her, standing to meet her. He took small steps, reminding himself to tread with caution. "He got to decide, so you do too? He's a monster Rowan, you are not. Just because he played God, doesn't mean you get to too."

She didn't say anything before turning and grabbing the door handle, throwing the door open and stomping her way up the stairs. This wasn't fair.

What was so wrong with killing Holden? What was so bad about that? He had killed Gemma, hadn't he? He had killed a handful of Harry's men, hadn't he? What was so wrong with one life for the hundreds?

"We don't get to decide who lives and who dies!" Harry yelled after her but she didn't turn around as she continued her walk up to their bedroom. She slammed the door behind her, and as much as she wanted to cry she couldn't.

A knock came at the door and she threw it open, planning on telling Harry more of just how she felt about his opinion when her eyes met Liam's. And then her eyes met Penny's.

"I know Harry told us not to bother you because you're both dealing with big gang stuff-" He was so out of breath and Penny was pulling on anything she could get her hands on. "But if this baby pulls out one more wire in my office Rowan, I'm going to lose it."

"I got her Liam, thank you." Rowan giggled as she took the small girl into her arms and watched as he practically sprinted into the other direction.

"Giving Uncle Liam some trouble, aren't we?" She asked looking down at Penny who had a smile on her face. Rowan walked over to the bed and sat with the little girl in her legs. Harry had bought many, probably too many, baby toys in the last week since they'd been home. Penny loved one toy in particular, a small stuffed dog that Harry called 'Pinky'. Rowan held Penny in one hand and Pinky in the other and played peek a boo for a moment.

"I'm not wrong, are I?" She asked Penny in a happy voice, causing Penny to smile. "Maybe you can tell him that."

"Hm? You want to tell Daddy about how I'm always right? If you could mention he shouldn't cross me, that would be nice too." She continued causing Penny to giggle.

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