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She scanned the watching men, most of them as eager for action as a hockey game fanatic. A few looked away, but they were clearly not going to step forward to help her.

Kelsey laid almost prostrate on the ground. Her body heaving with sobs. She seemed so broken, Skye's heart went out to her. Kelsey raised her head and locked eyes with Skye. She nodded from Skye to the ground.

Smart girl. Smart, smart girl. Give the man what he wants.

Skye let the tears that had been threatening spill over her face. "Please, please, don't do this." Skye jerked against the fence when the Sick woman snapped her teeth. "Please!"

She let her wobbly knees weaken further until his hands on her arm and head were almost the only thing holding her up.

The woman snapped her jaw again, and Skye squeezed her eyes shut. Maybe it was too late. "No. No, no, no," she muttered to herself.

The woman's putrid breath washed over Skye. Enough of her cheek sunk through the fence, the woman could take it all.

The Sick woman's teeth scraped against Skye's face. Skye instinctively jerked and gasped.

The man laughed. He enjoyed watching Skye's eyes grow wide in frantic fear, and her hands which she had tried to hard to keep away from him, clutching at his shirt.

His enjoyment was obvious when he asked, "Will you be good?"

His game burned Skye, but not so much that she wouldn't play it. She quickly said, "I will, sir. I will be good. I will be very, very good."

A sob escaped her. As much as she would like to pretend this was all for show, she knew that wasn't true. It had been a relief to show her fear, to give in to the man, if it meant the end of this torture.

He let Skye go all at once, and she dropped to the ground. Her hand went to her cheek as she gasped and sobbed.

The man didn't move, just stood over her. "Now that is all straight."

Skye nodded.

He pulled her from the ground. Skye's weak legs worked against her, and she fell back to the ground.

The man tried again. His hands wrapping around her already bruised arms as he hauled her up. "Yeah, I know," he said. "That was scary."

Skye did her best to stay upright as she walked on legs that felt like noodles. She looked for Kelsey. A big, barrel-chested man had her around her waist, her feet just above the ground. His other hand was on her mouth.

Skye had heard her scream, and it's abrupt end. Skye bit back the scolding she would have liked to give the big man. The man set Kelsey back on the ground and wrapped his large hand around her arm, pulling her along.

Skye stopped at the back of the truck and stared at its interior. Stains and sticky fluids smeared the walls and floor. It reeked of the odors of the Sick. Unwashed, ill people with no facilities.

Skye glanced at the tattooed man. He watched her carefully for any sign of resistance. Strengthing her resolve, Skye stepped onto the truck's small step. He let her go, but then pushed her face down into whatever ran in the ribbing on the floors.

She froze then jumped up before the mess totally soaked her clothes. Without a glance at the tattooed man, Skye reached back and helped Kelsey up when the big man carefully set her feet on the stair.

The two women clung to each other as the rolling door slammed down in front of them.

Enough light came from a pass-thru window from the cab that they could find the least disgusting spot they could to hunker down for the ride.

"Are you alright?" Kelsey asked putting a hand to Skye's bruised face.

Yes, very scared but not hurt."

"Your face is bruising already."

Skye pushed at her cheek and winced. "It could have been worse, much, much worse. You were smarter than I was."

"I've been in that situation before. They always want to be the big man. It's easier and safer to just let them until you don't have to anymore."

The pass-thru window opened and the big man threw two bottles of water along with a couple of protein bars through.

Skye and Kelsey rushed to grab them. It has been hours since they had eaten.

The two men in the front got themselves settled and started the drive to wherever they were going. The big man was in the passenger seat, but the tattooed man couldn't be seen. He was probably in the car.

I'm glad I won't have his mean eyes on me the whole way. Skye looked around the cargo hold, examining every bit of it. There was no getting out of here. And after what the leader had done, there would be no attempts at escape. If she and Kelsey tried, they had to know it would work.

That tattooed man was serious, and they would have to be too.

The big man looked back through the window. His eyes softened as he looked at Kelsey, sadness on his face. He opened the pass-thru again. "I'm sorry. I don't want to do this, but if they don't find a cure, my own daughter could die."

He continued to look at the two women with pity as the truck took off and they slid down the truck's wall to sit on the floor.

Skye watched him turned away. Pity and sadness are only going to get us so far. What we need is outrage.

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