Chapter 3

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Friendship is delicate as a glass, once broken it can be fixed but there will always be cracks.

There comes a time when you have to stop crossing oceans for people who wouldn't even jump puddles for you.

Sean's P.O.V.

Teeth receding my fur disappearing, instinct being replaced by thoughts. I was human again soon. I stood from my spot on the floor and grabbed my suit. Beginning I dress, I check the time and groan softly. I straightened my tie as I walked back towards the office. My soft electric blue eyes scanned the room as I walked in. It was as I left it neat and organized. Nodding to my receptionist, I make my way to the elevator, the human girl's scent weighing on my nose as I went by her. I grit my teeth at the thought before stepping into the elevator. The button to my office was hidden so the humans wouldn't be able to find it. As I pressed the hidden button in the wall. As the doors opened, I was greeted by members of my pack who were also fellow staff members. The level of respect was proper so I gave them a nod as they returned to their work. I hung my jacket over my chair and sighed as I took my seat, eyes glancing to the window. All I could see was the sprawling view of the city below. Two of my good friends made their way over to my desk.

"Welcome back boss. Done with watching that cute vet who helped you last night?" David said. Now David has been my good friend since my high school days. He's even the packed doctor even though he's a vampire. He's actually the first in history to be the only vampire excepted into a wolf pack.

I growled at his comment for calling my mate cute. David was slapped upside the head by my beta and best friend and personal assistant Darren.

"I don't think calling Sean's mate and our future Luna cute is a good idea. Unless you want to be killed." Darren informed David who just smiles shaking his head.

"Hey, I just hope he was careful this time. Remember if not for me turning into my adorable bat form and coving the camera in that vet he would have been seen."

I ignored them both of them as they argue on while I just thought about that woman I know now is my mate.

"Darren. Were you able to get me all the information on her?" I asked leaning back into my chair.

Darren stopped arguing with David and faced me with some papers in his hand.

"I was able to find out that the women's name is Serenity Rose. She's twenty-five years old who works as a veterinarian with her best friend Melody Jones. It seems not before long Serenity was in a relationship with a man named Ethan Gray."

I growled louder at the mention she is in a relationship with some other man. I looked at Darren to continue.

"Although I happen to also find out that just yesterday night the same night as she met with you Sean that Serenity and Ethan have broken up. Ethan had cheated on Serenity with her sister Fiona."

"How dare this man hurt our mate!" My wolf Noir shouted in rage. It took me great strength to hold him back from taking over.

"This is good news for us and you Mr. Alpha because now your mate is free for the taking. Even though you would have taken her no matter what her situation was." David inquired taking a seat down.

I stood up from my seat. "Darren get the pack all together for a meeting. I will announce this to them all of our future Luna.

"I'll do it now. Alpha." Darren said, taking his leave with David following behind.

I waited till I got a text from Darren saying that everyone has assembled for me to make my announcement. It didn't take me long to meet up with everyone. I took notice that my parents are here. Guess that's good. Everyone quite down upon my arrival.

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