Hunting Hunter [Boy x Man]

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"Now, independent studies will be placed into your after school schedule.--"


"You will be placed with two other people in this classroom.---"

This classroom? Even better.

"One group will have four members instead of three.---"

Can't I just be my own group?

"Now, the head master has already picked the groups in advance. I will let you know what group you are in, who you are with, and who your teacher will be."

Motherfucking wonderful.

Ethan tore his gaze away from Isaac, who was now turning to write the groups out on the board. The only person he didn't mind being with was Shawn, his only friend. Well, what could be considered a friend. Glancing to the left, he decided he wouldn't mind being in a group with Steven either. He was smart, and quiet. Perfect combination. Glance to the right, he decided Hanna would be another good choice because she was shy and quiet.

If he was with anyone else, girls especially, they were probably going to constantly be hanging all over him. He wasn't trying to sound cocky about it, but after going to this school for a while now, you'd think the staring would stop, and it hadn't.

He could only mentally roll his eyes though, not wanting people to know he was on to them and their obvious stares. He turned his attention back to the board now and saw Isaac had one to five written up.

Yep. He called the teacher Isaac. Well, actually, it was a student teacher. Substitute teacher. Whatever.

The teachers apparently felt the need to go on strike about their pay checks a week before school had started again. So now most of the students' teachers were a student teacher or something close to it (after all, there were still SOME actual teachers in the school). Most were probably kids still in college. Like Isaac for example. He's tried to tell the kids more than once to call him "Mr. Franks", but like they would listen.

Group 7

Ethan blinked, confused on how he had failed to notice Isaac was up to group nine now. His name was first under the list, and if this was a cartoon world, he'd be flipping desks over what he read underneath his own.

Hunter Lyons.

Nathan Goldomer.

Sebastian Ulks.

Sarah Davids.

All of whom were the last people he wanted to be with. Sebastian, the guy who thought he was better than everyone and anyone; Nathan, the dumbest blond male Ethan had ever had the pleasure of meeting; and Sarah, the girl who probably drooled over him the most. WONDERFUL.

Keeping his expression blank, he glanced over to the hot shot first, wondering how he was so popular to begin with. Sebastian's eyes were narrowed at the names on the board, and it was obvious he wasn't too happy at the results either. Onto Nathan, who blankly stared at the board. He probably had mixed emotions about having to deal with a prick like Sebastian and be with his obvious crush, Sarah. Sarah on the other hand looked to be the only one who was happy with her team, probably only seeing Sebastian's and Ethan's name.

This was going to be a long year.


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