Car Ride

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Hello Bloomers!

I really can't think of anything to say this week, that's super strange for me. Anyway I want to thank you all for reading my story, I have around 28,000 reads! And it's all thanks to you! And for the raffle I went to and the winner is....  RIAiman!!! Congrats this chapter will be dedicated to you! 

I clear up the table and walk down the stair to the kitchen to put the dishes away. Once I get to the kitchen I see both Katerina and Leslie chit chatting over some coffee and muffins. The both turn to see me enter the kitchen.

“Hey girl, it looks like someone had romantic breakfast in bed.” Katerina teases as I roll my eyes at her. It was so romantic, Danny yelling at me because I asked him a question.

“So romantic.” I laugh as I put the dishes in the sink.

“I heard your leaving for a while.” Leslie questions as she leans against the counter.

“Danny’s grandfather passed away and we have to go figure out handle some legal things.” I say as I look up at her with a frown. I knew Danny wasn’t close to his grandfather, but he seems to be taking this very hard.

“Are you coming back?” Leslie asks as I hear the worry in her voice.

I smile up at her as I finished cleaning the last dish. “Yes, I am coming back. “ I emphasize the “I am” part hoping they get it.

“Really?” Katerina asks shocked at my answer. I just nod my head and then she asks me another question “Did you finally pick?” I smile and again nod, not knowing who is listening.

“What are you both talking about?” We both turn to Leslie and look at her like she’s crazy. Katerina slaps her lightly against the arm as well as raises her eyebrows at her. “Oww! What am I not getting?” She looks even more confused as she looks between the two of us.

“What have I been debating about?” I look directly into Leslie’s eyes trying to hint without spilling it.

Then as if a switch in her brain turned on, she jumps up and down happily. “Omg! I’m so glad for you!”

“There was an undeniable connection I felt with him that I couldn’t ignore.” I explain as I couldn’t keep the smile off of my face.

“But what about … Oww why do you keep hitting me!” Leslie turns to Katerina who just smiles as she nods her head to behind me.

“Hi Danny.” Katerina says loudly making me turn around in my seat.

“Hi” he curtly says to both of them as he looks down at me. “It’s time to go babe.” He takes my hand as he helps me up from the seat.

I wiggle out of his grasp as I go over to hug both Katerina and Leslie goodbye. “I will see you both soon.” I whisper into their ears. They both just tell me they love me and nod in acknowledgement.

I go over to Danny who looks pissed at my actions, what is up with him? Did he hear us? “Are you ok?” I ask him in concern.

He just brushes me off, “Yeah, we need to head out.” He says as he turns to leave. As I follow behind Danny, I begin to day dream about how I’m going to break it to him. I look over at Danny and see that he’s just standing in the middle of the entrance. I follow his gaze to see Ben, who is leaning on the banister at the top of the stairs, my heart begins to beat ridiculously fast as he looks over at me.

I turn towards Danny as I step in the middle of his gaze. “Danny we need to head out.” I tell him softly as I pull his arm to the door. He looks at me and nods his head as we make our way out the door.

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