treinta y uno

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"hey can you come open the door," I said breaking my own silence from the long car ride

I take the keys out of the ignition and locked the jeep doors.

I walked up the driveway as I see in the distance a long-haired boy open the door

I stepped through the door and sighed "yo" I said softly

"what you can't speak now?" I said to him as he just looked at me

He sat down on the couch and just sat still not saying anything and then that's when I realized something was wrong

"Hey, hey look at me. What's wrong?" I said sympathetically

"I lost you and I'm sorry " he said bluntly yet sad

"I wouldn't say that exactly. I'm here right now. Aren't I?" I said finally hugging him after a month

"It's over between Ashley and I" he said hugging me tighter

"What happened if you don't mind me asking" I said still trying to respecting the situation

"I know what you mean! They want me to be everything the media portrayed me to be. The playboy, star basketball player, and rich boy. When I'm really not that and you see that" he said looking down at me slightly smiling at me when he said the last part

"I see you are finally getting shit through your big ass head" I said laughing

"Not funny" he laughed as he lets go of the hug to hand me something

It was both of my chains I ripped off when we were fighting "you got it fixed" I said smiling at him


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JayRosee next time a bitch will be floating in a river

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TheShadeRoom Roommates I know you all see that she has her "LaMelo" and "JaMelo" chains back on what do you think? #baewatch

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