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"Hyung! It took you forever to get here, we were beginning to think you were bailing on us."

"I wouldn't bail on you kookie but the rest of these hyungs, I'd definitely bail on," He whispered in Jungkooks ear, or so he thought.

"Yah why are you always disrespectful!"

"Jin Hyung you know I'm joking, have I ever told you that you're my favorite?"

Jungkook walked over to the group and sat on the couch next to Taehyung, smiling wide,

"Listen up Hyungs, I have an announcement to make,"

Everyone looked towards the Maknae of the group wondering what crazy shit he was going to say now, expect the unexpected when it's coming from Jungkook.

"I am now a man" he said while poking out his chest to make himself look more mature "I have a girl now- well I haven't actually gotten the girl yet, but I'm definitely working on it," he proudly says,

"Shut up, I haven't been able to sleep all day" Yoongi said before throwing a pillow towards Jungkook.

"Kookie who is the girl" Jhope winked at the youngest of the group

"She's a foreigner, her name is Y/N!"

"Y-Y/N?" I quickly said while looking at Jungkook,

"Yes hyung, she goes to school with us."


Hey Y/N what school do you go to?

KAU, why papi? Wanna come visit me 🥵 (Korean Arts University, I didn't feel like researching school names, fk it)

For f.cks sake, stop calling me papi, daddy, and any other dumb ass name you can come up with. I have a girlfriend!

You're literally so annoying, why do I even keep messaging you.

You're just a slut who will throw herself at the first guy who shows her even the smallest amount of attention.

I'm sorry, I didn't know I was upsetting you

God it's so hard to make friends in Korea, I probably never should've came here in the first place

I'll stop messaging you...

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