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Alivias POV
I walked out of my car and onto the front porch of the Dolan's. I knocked on the door lightly and saw a shadow behind the window come up and the door open. "Oh hi Alivia, what are you doing here," Sean asked me. "Ethan said that he wanted to see Grayson so I said I would come and get him." He looked at me for a little and said, "Okay, yeah I'll go get him for you just hold on." I shook my head as an okay and he closed the door while I waited outside. A couple minutes later the door opened and I saw Grayson with Sean. "You're going to go with Alivia alright? Be sure to be good and I love you." He kisses Grayson as I took him and we walked to the car. Grayson has been getting closer to me because I've been seeing their family so much over the course of events that are taking place. He is allowing me to touch him and I've definitely understood him more. We got in the car and made our way.

Ethans POV
I heard the door open and saw Alivia walk in with Grayson. He smiled when he saw me and came over to me. Grayson can lighten the mood anywhere. Even when things happened when we were younger he was there and made me smile. "Your parents didn't ask when I went and got him," Alivia said. "I told you they wouldn't care." She sat down in the chair as Grayson stood in the same place. "Grayson aren't you going to sit down," I asked. He continued standing there and looking at the ceiling like it's the most fascinating trying in the world. "Grayson sit down," I said. Alivia stood up, grabbed a chair and made Grayson sit down. "You said something happened, well what was it?" I said, "I saw my car today. It was, horrible. There is no way to fix this car and I can't get the image out of my head. Like I'll always look at it as something that will scar me mentally." She said, "Well at least your still here. That should be more important than a car. I don't think you should think about it that much, maybe think of like happy things." I didn't say anything as we sat in silence for a while. "You know I'm really starving so you want to go down and get something to eat," I asked. She looked off her phone and said, "Yeah, I'm pretty starving. I know that it won't be the best meal but I guess it's something." I said, "Definitely, not high quality food." She kind of smiled as she stood up and helped me.

We were starting to walk away when Grayson wouldn't move. "What's wrong Grayson," I asked. He just stood in the same place as he was humming pretty loud. "Just go over and touch him, maybe he'll move." She shook her head as she went over and touched him but made things worse. He started humming louder and slow tears came down his face. "I don't know what to do," she said. I wheeled myself over to Grayson and sat in front of him. "Grayson you need to calm down. You want to go get something to eat?" He still was crying and rocking. After a couple of minutes his rocking slowed down, but he was still kind of crying. "Are you ready to go and eat," I asked him. He just stood up and stood in place. "Here take my hand and we'll go get something to eat alright?" He looked at my hand and slowly gave me his hand. His touch makes me feel so much better.

We were walking down the hallway slowly since Grayson was still crying a little and he walks a little slower. A nurse was sitting at the counter when she saw us. "Is he alright," the nurse asked. "He's okay nurse," Alivia said. "Are you sure because he's crying." I said, "Yes he is okay, he has autism and had a bit of a meltdown a little bit ago." She said, "Oh I'm really sorry I didn't know, well you guys can go on your way." She smiled as we made our way down the hall to the elevator with Grayson holding my hand. "These people are so nice about this. This is the only good thing about here, they won't judge you." Alivia said, "Yeah that's a good thing."

We made our way into the cafeteria which a little louder for Graysons liking since he let go of my hand and covered his ears. I wasn't going to take it back since this is what he does to help himself. We made it to a table after we got our food. "Isn't this great," I asked in a joking way. "This fast actual shit," Alivia said. I laughed at her comment as she joined. "Now you know what I eat almost everyday." She said, "Jesus I would kill myself if I had to eat this everyday. We laughed at her comment as we were sat in silence. Then I noticed that it was to silent. "Where's Grayson?" She looked up and saw that Grayson wasn't at our table anymore. "Oh my god we lost him again," I said. She stood up and pushed me as we made our way around the cafeteria not finding him anywhere.

We saw a security guard and went to him. "Hi we lost my brother and we don't know where he is." He shook his head as he took out a pad and pen to right down. "Alright so what is the age of your brother?" I said, "He is 18." The security guard have a little bit of a weird look as he wrote down what I said. "What does he look like?" I said, "He looks like me except he has light brown hair. So just write down my features but change the hair to light." He wrote down what I said again and asked, "What is he wearing?" "He is wearing black shorts, a red shit, and some sneakers." He wrote that down and before he left I said "Just wait. Let them know that he has autism and that if you find him don't come of as aggressive and don't touch him that much just maybe like follow him." He shook his head and wrote that down. "Alright I will get people to look for him but I need you to go back to your room so it will be easier to find you." Me and Alivia both shook our heads as we made our way back to my room.

"What if he left the hospital," I asked. She looked at a surprised face.
"That is an insane thought Ethan." I said, "I mean but it could happen. He doesn't understand that you can't just up and leave whenever and not know where you are going." She said, "Yes I know that but I think maybe you are just thinking to much. I don't think that will happen." I didn't say anything as we sat in silence. About 15 minutes after we lost Grayson a lady came in my room. "We found your brother but we want you to come so you can get him." I got a huge smile on my face as Alivia pushes me, following the lady to a completely different part of the hospital.

I saw Grayson sitting in the floor rocking, covering his ears, and crying. Alivia pushes me over and I went to calm him down. "Grayson look at Ethan, what happened? Did someone touch you?" He continued what he was doing and said "E gone," multiple times. "Oh you lost me well look I'm right here see. I'm not lost anymore." He cried for a little more as I calmed him down. He stopped crying as I helped him stand off the ground. I held my hand out as he took it once again and we made it back to my bedroom.

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