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"You must be Gaige's friend," Erin had such a nice motherly smile on her stuck up face, Gaige wanted to turn around and stalk out of the house upon entering with Adonis shyly behind him. She had even made fucking cookies. He could smell it. It was making his hunger pains a thousand times worse, and his brain questioning everything. He hated cookies, "I'm Erin," She stuck out her hand to shake Adonis' who look very conflicted and nervous in this situation. 

"Oh, uh," Adonis flung his many gear bags back behind his shoulder and took Erin's manicured hand, "Adonis," She didn't at all seem like the monster she was in Gaige's words. She seemed like a merry woman excited to meet her stepson's friend. Not like the woman who Gaige had described as a cold-hearted, liar. 

Erin tilted her head and shook Adonis' hand with a calculated smile, "Adonis. I know I've heard that strange name before. Was your family at my father's Thanksgiving dinner?"

Gaige watched with boredom, trying not to search with his eyes for the fresh cookies. Adonis pulled his hand away from Erin's and gave a tight-lipped smile, "Yeah. I mean- yes. My family loved it," Did Erin just make everyone nervous? Gaige supposed Adonis seemed naturally nervous though.

"Well, I think it's great Gaige has made a friend like you to show him the ropes," Gaige couldn't help but furrow his brows. The ropes of what? Being a goodie-two-shoes? "I made some cookies for you boys-"

"No thanks," Gaige grabbed Adonis' wrist, yanking him towards the stairs, nearly making the shorter boy trip over his own shoes. Adonis attempted to give Erin an apologetic smile, but Gaige was moving at the speed of light and Adonis was desperately attempting to keep up. 

Adonis jingled and banged as he walked up the stairs behind Gaige. He had so many bags, school bags, clothes and spending the night stuff, and -of course- many filming things. He packed every single battery he had and then some. He'd brought everything he could think of to make Gaige's day as aesthetically pleasing to an audience through a cameras eye. 

Adonis was shocked at how...bland the little room Gaige brought him into was. There was nothing personality wise on the wall. No sign of life but a stacks of books on the corner of the desk, an unmade bed, a drawstring bag hung on the desk chair, a black charger plugged into the wall, and an iPhone charger plugged into the wall. Gaige tossed his backpack on the floor next to the closet doors and swung himself around to sit on the edge of the bed. Adonis kept a grip on all his bags, trying with his might to figure out why this room didn't belong to a teenage boy who had lived here for nearly two months. 

"You can put your camera stuff on the desk," Gaige had pulled out his phone and plugged it into the charger, as well as his Juul, placing it into the other charger, "And, uh, you can set everything else, well, anywhere," Gaige shrugged, and began to watch and waiting for Adonis to move around his room. 

Adonis was obviously very uncomfortable being in someone else's room, especially Gaige's. He chewed carefully on his lower lip, slowly but surely moving to set his camera bags on the desk -careful not to knock down Gaige's towers of books- and set his other bags on the floor near Gaige's backpack. The books on the desk had a wide variety of width, cover color, and apparent genre. From what Adonis could read, authors ranged from Stephen King to Jack London to people Adonis had never heard of.

"You like to read?" Adonis motioned to the pile of books on Gaige's desk when he turned back to the boy.

Gaige stared at his books for a while, before shrugging and throwing his legs up on the bed and adjusting himself so he sat up against his headboard, "Yeah, I suppose. There's nothing else to do around here."

Adonis nods, "Have you read all of these?" 

Gaige shook his head, still looking the books and not Adonis, "Most. I'll finish them in about a month," Gaige seemed so impassive about the fact he was read at an incredible speed, thick difficult books. It was impressive, yet Gaige didn't seem to care one bit. 

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