The Power Revealed

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So Issei, you doing anything today?

Issei "Yeah, R-

Before Issei could even finish his sentence you both turned towards the hallway and saw Kiba walking into the room.

Issei "Like, oh my god it's prince golden nuts!"

*Chuckle* Yeah, he is the hottest guy in the school and everyone is trying to ride him.

Issei "Whatever, you're apparently second to him."


Issei "Yeah, you haven't noticed all the girls staring at you all the time?"

Yes, and it's really fucking annoying.


"Excuse me."

You looked and saw Kiba was now standing next to you two.

Kiba "I'm here on an errand for Rias Gremory, Issei could you please come with me."

With that, Issei and Kiba took off.

Man, he was reeking with the power from those other devils from yesterday. 

You got up and followed them, taking off your uniform shirt and putting on your hoodie. You pulled your shield out from your bag and placed it on your wrist. You followed them and watched through the window, but you couldn't hear what they were saying. 

So, based off of what I'm seeing these are all devils. That explains the reason I'm sensing such energy from this school, hell it's the main source of it all. 

You kept on watching and when Issei tried to go through a portal, it just disappeared without him. He was clearly upset and you were trying to hold back a laugh before you knew it you were following him around town by rooftop. He had to ride his bike around and he went to the client's place.

So, he's not strong enough to pass through portals, but has all that power inside of him? He's strong indeed, but his power feels familiar somehow. 

He left and you continued following and he was now walking along the road with his bike next to him, then he stopped and looked behind him. You looked and saw a fallen angel walking towards him. She threw a light spear at him and he dodged it, then you saw her look in shock and saw that Issei had the gremory family crest on his palm.

Rias you clever devil.

She smiled and got up in the air with another light spear, ready to kill Issei. You grabbed you ax and got ready to stop her but Issei threw his hand in the air and a gust of wind blew the fallen back, followed by green lights that tore her clothes. 

What the hell?

She looked terrified and quickly took off, but issei just looked confused.

Issei "is this the sacred gear?"


He looked around confused, but you jumped down in front of him. He got ready to throw another one at you but you quickly raised your hands.

Relax, I'm not a foe. 

Issei "Then who the hell are you!"

The person who's saved your life before.

He stopped, looking at you.

You've unlocked your sacred gear, congrats. 

You reached into your pocket and pulled out an apple and threw it to him.

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