GoodMorning Texts

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Brb gonna go beg my boyfriend to send me these every day😂😁

Morning baby. I miss you. It's lonely here, on the moon. Extremely lonely. Just get back to me okay? I love you x

Good morning gorgeous! Sorry I had to leave early, I had some 'business' to take care of. I'll back back in time for our weekly movie night, I promise. I love you, have the best day! ❤️

Hiya sweetheart, good morning! I have something fun planned for tonight, don't try and force it off me now because there's no way I'm gonna tell you. Excited you see you later😊
Ally xxx

Hey my favourite person EEEEEVERRRRR!!!!!! Just wanted you too know I love love love you and have a good day. I love you, if you couldn't tell :)

Number Five:
Good morning baby. Just gone to grab some groceries, I was thinking we could make some lunch together, yeah? See you in a little bit, I love you xx

Y/n! Good morning babe! Sorry I'm not by your side right now, just running some quick errands. Maybe we can order a pizza for when I get back? I miss you already! Ben x

Hi y/n. Just messaging you to let you know my violin practice was pushed forward, which is why I'm not with you right now. I miss you lots though😔 see you later on. I love you

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