Chapter 4

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"Micah slow down or I swear to god I'm going to jump out. I'll tell mom and Nina you pushed me out because you thought it would be funny." I threatened, clinging to my seat tightly with both hands. Lucky I had such a good grip or I would have gone flying through the windshield despite the seatbelt with how hard Micah slammed the break. I looked through the rear view mirror to see the poor car driving behind us had had to steer there car onto the ramp to keep from ramming into us.

"You wouldn't." Micah hissed looking absolutely scandalized.

"Yeah, well why don't you go over 80 again and find out for yourself whether or not I would." I said with the most phonily angelic smile I could muster while panting. He looked like he was really thinking about it for a moment but before he could get too far with that I interrupted him.

"They would believe me too you know, just a few scratches on my arms and they'd be too angry to even think straight, let alone the fact that you're not known for making the best decisions." His face paled at my words and he started the car up again grumbling under his breath about manipulative evil little omegas. Throwing me the stink eye as he ranted about how no one should be fooled by their size because the smaller a person was, the more compact the evil in them was.

"Why don't your dumb friends just pick you up?" My brother complained.

"You're just mad because I don't let you hangout with us." I said making him scoff.

"You're 6 years younger than me, I do not want to hangout with your friends, you guys are babies." My brother said, sounding far too bitter for someone who didn't actually want to hangout with us.

"Sure you don't." I replied keeping my eyes on the odometer to make sure he wasn't speeding too much.

"Well it's not my fault Zeenat can't stand to be around me, I don't even know what I did to her. I'm always perfectly polite." My brother complained which was an exaggeration, neither did Zeenat hate him, and neither was he perfectly polite to anyone really. Micah was a nice guy but he couldn't maintain composure for more than ten minutes so he usually offended people because they thought he was laughing at them when he was probably just laughing at something completely unrelated that no one else could ever perceive as even remotely humorous.

Zeenat didn't hate him, but he was a potential to her. Potentials were the wolves who's smells attracted us, although it wasn't necessary that your smell would attract the other as well, it usually did. Micah and Zeenat however were that one in fifty chance where only one of the two were attracted to the other's scent.

Zeenat couldn't help but be a little standoffish, she was a really nice girl, she just didn't want to get attached when she wasn't even a potential of Micah's. Not that wolves only mated potentials, but most did, that was considered a stronger pair because wolves had a very strong sense of smell, other than Micah of course. But Micah had had potentials in the past, all taken because such was his luck, so his sniffer wasn't broken enough to not be able to differentiate between good and neutral.

"It's your personality." I said and he turned to give me a dirty look, stopping the car in front of the library, taking the parking space a lady was clearly trying to back into. I gave her what I hoped she saw as an apologetic wave as she flipped Micah the bird. I looked closer groaning slightly as I realized it was Margaret, one of my managers at the library.

"Get out of my car you little miscreant." My brother grumbled and I smiled at him, shoving his shoulder lightly making his expression soften.

"Make sure you eat something at work, and do you need cash?" My brother asked making me scowl.

"I'm a grown woman and I have a job." I growled.

"Yeah well then why are you as tall as a middle schooler?" My brother asked, leaning forward and pulling the passenger door shut, leaving me there yelling after him that I was 5'7, earning me a strange look from Margaret who was crossing the street.

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