Christmas miracle part 2

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Samantha, Jackie, Mickey and Rose watched the Doctor scan the debris of the Christmas tree with his sonic. "Remote control", he said, looking at the results "But who's controlling it?"

He turned and left the flat, the others following him. They look over the balcony to see two of the robot Santas standing there. Of course it would have been three if Samantha hadn't made it short circuit. "Our robot Santa buddies", she muttered eyeing them.

The Doctor aimed his sonic at the Santas in a threatening manner. They took a step back before vanishing in a flash. "They've just gone!" Mickey laughed "What kind of rubbish robots were they? I mean, no offence, but they're not much cop if a sonic screwdriver's going to scare them off".

Pilot fish", the Doctor corrected him.

"What?" Rose asked.

"They were just pilot fish", the Doctor repeated before coughing and throwing himself back against the wall. In an instant Samantha was by his side, supporting him as much as she could.

"Whats wrong?" she asked worriedly.

"I woke too soon" he panted "I'm still regenerating. I'm bursting with energy" vortex energy escaped from his mouth as he exhaled. "You see? The pilot fish could smell it a million miles away. So they eliminate the defence, that's you lot, and they carry me off. They could run their batteries on me for a couple of year... he lurched forward groaning. Samantha gripped him tighter and Jackie went to his other side to help her support the Time Lord.

"My head!" the Time Lord groaned "I'm having a neuron implosion. I need..."

"What do you need?" Jackie asked frantically.

"I need..."

"Say it, tell me, tell me, tell me..." Jackie urged.

"I need..."

"Painkillers?" Jackie asked.

"I need..." the Doctor gasped.

"Do you need aspirin?" Jackie continued.


"Codeine?" Jackie cut in "Parac –"

"Mum, shut up", Samantha almost snapped "he's not going to be tell us what he needs if you keep yapping".

"I'm just trying to help", Jackie muttered but Samantha just ignored her, keeping her focus on the Doctor.

"What do you need to help your head?" she asked gently.

"I...I need..." the answer was there in his head, he knew it was but he couldn't quite grasp it. "I need..." he tried again "I...." he broke off and groaned, lurching forward breaking out of Jackie's and Samantha's hold. The Doctor leant against the wall "We haven't got much time" he panted "If there's pilot fish, then..." he pulled an apple out of his dressing gown pocket "Why's there an apple in my dressing gown?"

"Oh, that's Howard. Sorry", Jackie said apologetically.

"He keeps apples in his dressing gown?" the Doctor questioned.

"He gets hungry", Jackie replied.

"What, he gets hungry in his sleep?" the Doctor asked looking at the apple confused.

"Sometimes", Jackie admitted.

The Doctor suddenly shouts with pain and sinks to the floor. Samantha goes to his side, now very concerned about him. "Brain...collapsing..." the Doctor grabs hold of her upper arms tightly. Staring into her brown eyes, he struggled to get out his next sentence "P...the Pilot Fish mean that something, something..." he took several deep breaths, his eyes never leaving Samantha "something is coming. You have to go..."

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