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Anyway I don't need to summary the last chapter because you just read it................


Kyouko's POV


"What are you talking about,Kyouko?"-Ryouko

"I know you're not real"-Me

"Why?"-Ryouko (Yukiteru)

"Because your shoe are untied"-Me

"That's it -_-"-Okumura (Reiko)

"Yes..That's all.............Umm"-Me

"This is very akward"-Reiko (Okumura)

"Bye..I will go back to my room"-Me


Then Kyouko leave..........

"That was close ^o^ "-Me

"Yeah ^_^"-Okumura

Reiko's POV

After that the class started.................


"I need to punish them tonight"-Misau

"Their will be the worst mage I ever fight"


"Huh? o_o"-Me

"Is their a problem? (.o.')"Yukiteru (Ryouko)

"I just feel something weird o_o"-Me

"I wonder what is it"-Yukiteru



"Time to go home"-Minami

"Yeah n_n"-Boy 1

"This body is making me feel comfortable"-Ryouko

"Yeah n_n"-Reiko

"Do you want that body?"-Okumura


"Didn't you know if we not turn back to normal we will be the worst mage ever.....Because we don't know how to use the power we have now o_o"-Yukiteru

"You're Right -_-;"-All

"Let's try using our powers outside"-Yukiteru


After that they go outside............

When their outside Misau affear infront of them..........

"Who are you?"-Okumura

"I'm Misau..I'm here to kill all of you"-Misau

After that the fight started...........

So they fighted misau.... then afterwards

"Ha! How pathetic, is that all you've got?"-Misau

"Not yet!!!" Reiko said as she run nearer to misau

"Reiko Watch out!!!"-Yukiteru

When reiko was about to attack misau, misau suddenly faded

"*gasp*"-Okumura (Reiko)

After that,misau appeared at the back of reiko 

When Misau was about to attack her but suddenly

"Reiko!!"-the 3 shouted

The 3 ran nearer reiko to block the attack of misau

"Geez,Don't let your guard down"-Yukiteru (Ryouko)

"Be more careful next time"-Reiko (Okumura)

 "Sorry (n_n)"-Okumura (Reiko)

Then they continue fighting........

"Is that all you got? n_n"-Misau with a creepy smile

"This girl irritates me"-Ryouko (Yukiteru)

 "She has her guts ha"-Reiko (Okumura)

"Just wanna finish this and find a new mirror"-Ryouko (Yukiteru)

"Were in a middle of fight,don't just think about your crazy mirror"-Yukiteru (Ryouko)

"Yeah yeah"-Ryouko (Yukiteru)

"Why don't we just make a move now?"-Okumura (Reiko)

"We should think before we make a move"-Yukiteru (Ryouko)


"Or else,we'll end up dead"-Yukiteru (Ryouko)

"Why is that?"-Reiko (Okumura)

"But i think misau is really clever, it's like she know every move we make, so maybe, ermm i think we should make our moves different, or we should think of something else instead of the move we always make, think of something knew maybe?"- Okumura (Reiko)

"You're right reiko, but what should we do?"-Yukiteru (Ryouko)

End of chapter 18

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