7 | Number 2 - Diego (2)

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Imagine: again, thought of by myself. It might be kinda short, but it's cute and fluffy and I love it UwU - enjoy :)

It was a Friday night in your apartment and your boyfriend of 2 months, Diego, had gotten home from work. Things had been pretty bad. A fight which left him with a black eye and bruised knuckle. Not the best thing for you to see

He was great about it though, and he only asked for one thing.
A movie night. But not just any movie
Disney movies

You knew Diego was a child at heart, so you agreed almost immediately





'The most gorgeous and prettiest girl in the entire world?'

'I wouldn't go that far babe' you giggled, walking out the door of your bedroom. You came out in a small pair of shorts and a tank top whilst he just wore a pair of joggers.

Neither of you complained though

'Who would've thought? Hard Diego Hargreeves turns out to be a huge softie' he chuckled, pulling you into his chest

Grabbing the controller, 'so what are we watching first?' You smiled and switched the movie to Aladdin.

One of your classic Disney favorites.

Hours went by, until it was around 2am, as you yawned and snuggled closer into Diego's chest. He sighed happily, arms wrapping around you and resting his head on yours

You tangled your legs in his, Diego's hands running slowly through your h/l hair as you listened to his steady heartbeat

Before you zoned out, you managed to whisper 'I love you Diego...'

His eyes went super wide, as he looked down at your sleeping peaceful body as he grinned and turned off the tv, before grabbing you in his arms and he carried you to bed. He draped a blanket over you and laid down next you you

'I love you too baby. Sweet dreams' he kissed the top of your head, and drifted off into a peaceful slumber


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