Chapter 1 - Arrival

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Hey guys! Firestorm40 here. So, as you can all see, I'm rewriting my Dragon Ball Academia story. The reason being is because I feel like it could've been better than how I originally did it. Enjoy!


(Insert 'Adamas Amalee ver.', TV version)

Music intro

(Rushing through black darkness, glittering shards of light pass by.. As music starts, Goku suddenly shoot forward like shooting stars, circling around in a vortex of colors, then flies into the end, shining brightly, forming the logo of the series. 'Dragon Ball Academia')

I'm trying to understand it but it's making me numb

(Left half of Goku's smirking face, the other half hidden by Deku's serious face.)

This swirl of karma leaving such a bitter taste on my tongue

(Right half of Uraraka's determined face, the other half hidden by Shiro's baring her teeth .)

'Cause I know the pain and sorrow, it has only begun

(The upper half of Bakugo's face, with glaring eyes, the lower half hidden by Iida's intense gaze.)

Who-o-oa, Who-o-oa, Who-o-oa

(Flashes through Yuuei High School.)

Now I'm surrounded by my enemies, but luck's on my side

(On one side, the camera pans around the students of Class 1-A in their school uniforms.)

So I shatter through the walls and change the course of the tide

(In the same area, the camera pans the opposite side showing the students as they stand ready in their Hero costumes.)

Can't stop this surging fate like a volcano set to break, Take a breath until you're set to

(Pro Heroes; Mindight, Recovery Girl, Present Mic, Principal Nezu, Mr. Aizawa and others pan across the screen, finally ending with the silhouette of All Might with his back to the camera enveloped a bright light, before turned his head to it with his infamous grin.)

face that voice of fear. That god of death that's always looking down on you

(A teenage girl with long bushy auburn hair stands on a skyscraper, staring out at the city. She feels a hand behind her, and looks to see a teenage boy with blood red spiky hair standing behind her, giving her a assuring smile a thumbs up.)

"Do you believe yourself?" I won't stop til I've won

(The duo look up at the sky, with the girl raising her hand, and the boy creating a red ki sword in his hand, ready to strike.)

A glimpse of that bright future that's just begun!

(Nomu's maliciously growling face appears, as he roars at the camera. Screen splits in half as half of Kurogiri and Tomura Shigarki take the screen, their eyes shining ominously yellow and red, respectively.)

Shining like a diamond, The emotions in your heart reflect like crystal, 

(Goku and Deku team up together, taking down criminals and Villains that come across their path with their abilities and skills. Goku fires a Kamehameha  at a few villains causing a large explosion. Deku appears behind him, before using a Delaware Smash, sending a few more villains flying, before pressing his back to Goku.)

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