6 | Number Five (4 - part 2)

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This is a part two from '5 | Number Five (3)' enjoy peopleeeee😚☁️

Y/n wasn't expecting Five back so quickly. After their first encounter, She imagined Five would make her wait for him to come back- she didn't realise he meant a day or two.

She was at the desk again, scribbling nonsense down on a notepad, when Five and someone else walked up to her
'I said I'd be back' a familiar voice made her look up

'Didn't realise it'd be so soon' Y/n held her head in her manicured hands.

'I need the name of that guy from last time' He smirked, leaning down so he was eye level. 'For me' he whispered in her ear. Yep, she's still obsessed over him.

Y/n typed some words onto a computer, smirking at the boy in front of her. She printed out the slip of paper, and handed it to him- not before whispering, 'my number an address is on there, I'll see you when your done' she whispered seductively as he looked her up and down and walked to his office

A little while later...

Y/n was sitting on her couch, her eyes scanning the tv. She was just praying Fives actually gonna turn up. What if he doesn't like me? What if he's playing with me? What if he's gonna bail?!

She was snapped out of her thoughts by a knock at the door of her apartment. Short, loud and impatient. It HAD to be him

'Hey' He smirked, as per usual. Y/n ushered him in, as Five sat down on the couch

'How'd things go?' She questioned.

Five nodded. 'Went well. Our family's insane, so my brother got the information by smashing his face with a plant and saying he's gonna blame it on him for attack'

'So, who does it belong to?'

'Apparently, it hasn't been created yet. Of course' His shoulders slumped.

He looked upset, so y/n straddled him and ran her hands through his soft hair. 'What are you trying to find out exactly, Five?' He sighed, as y/n began kissing his jaw, then his neck, keeping eyesight and looking up at him with pleading eyes

'Do,' He groaned '-you trust me?' Y/n sat up straight again.

'You can tell me anything, Five'

'I went to the future. I used my 'abilities' to time travel and managed to find myself trapped in the destroyed future. Everything was gone. I don't wanna lose you. I've only known you for a small time y/n, but I really like you' His voice cracked slightly

Y/n sent him an apologetic smile, before kissing him softly again. 'For now, you have me baby and that's all that matters. I like you too dork'

He smirked an flipped the girl over, so he was above her, grinning. 'You have no clue how much I wanted you to say that' he chuckled, rolling his hips against hers

'Oh, I knew' she groaned and kissed his jaw, leaving a mark

He raised an eyebrow. 'You're gonna pay for that' he smirked. One of his hands held y/n's head up, the other running up and down her waist, as he buried his head in her neck

Thanks to past experience, he knew was the loved and became weak over

Y/n grabbed fistfuls of his hair whilst arching her back. There's not much she could do

Before things could get more heated between the two, Y/n's phone rang


'It's my aunt. I forgot she needed me back. I'm so sorry Five' She sighed, running a hand through her hair

'I'll text you' he smirked, giving her a quick kiss and teleporting away as y/n sat dumbfounded

So that's how he went to the future.

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