An innocent 20-year-old girl who moved to Korea to further her study in university. She believes in love. She was hoping one day her 'Prince Charming' will come to her life. She is a brilliant student. Kind and loveable. Can be clumsy. She has cold sweats when she feels nervous. She is an adopted child by the Oh family.


A 25-year-old guy. A guy that never believes in love. He said it's childish to be in love. A workaholic. Works in a cafe owned by his family. One of the richest kid in his group. He has a dongsaeng (sister). Somehow in the mean time he slowly changes into his old self.


A 21-year-old guy. He is a little bit playful but he can be serious at the same time. He has a crush on Xiumin's sister. Always being teased by his members when it comes to his crush. He is a one of the basketball player in the university. His sister is Sena. He loves her very much even though she is adopted. He is overprotective when it comes the one he loves the most.


People called her Younggie. Same age as Sena. A beautiful and kind girl. She is an outgoing girl. She always hang out with his brother and Sehun as well as with the other members (EXO). She hates Sehun because she felt annoyed when Sehun is overprotective towards her. She also attends same university as Sehun. She is Xiumin's sister.

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7 September 2014

A/N : Hello guys. This my first fanfic. So I hope you enjoy the story. Sorry if my English are bad. I'll try my best to make this story interesting.:)

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