They ask you out

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He asked you out when he took you to the park. It was obvious he liked you, even you could tell. But you said yes, because you like him back

He asked you out when watching a movie. It was cute, he kept stammering and not being able to get his words out. You knew what he wanted to ask, so you cut him off with a sweet kiss

She confessed that she liked you on National Tv after winning an award, but officially asked you out when she got back, it was quite quick but you found it cute, she's a busy girl after all.

He asked you out when you were taking him home from a club whilst he was drunk. He didn't realize you knew till the morning after, where you said yes, I mean, who wouldn't?

Number 5
He took you out to a restaurant. Then to the beach, your two favourite places to visit. You loved Five, and had a crush on him since forever, so you were super happy he wanted to date you. Your first kiss was on that beach

It was quite simplistic really. You were eating food back at The Academy when she asked you to be hers. You said yes, you had a Crush on Vanya for ages- so you were both extremely happy

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