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Five minutes later, Moonbyul and Wendy pulled right next to a black and pink lamborghini and there they saw four girls standing next to each other.

"Hi! My name is Moonbyul and this is Wendy" Moonbyul introduced themselves.
"Hey! We're Blackpink, my name is Jennie, this is Jisoo, that's Rosé and Lisa"
"So what'd we missed?" Wendy asked.
"Not much really, but it seems like your friend Seulgi is really hanging in there. She been screaming nonstop!" said Rosé.
"Are they alone?" Moonbyul asked.
"Yea all three of them are inside. While you were gone we've already taken care of their back me" said Jennie pointing at the 10 men that is laying on the ground unconscious.
"Wow thank!!" Wendy thanked them.
"So were can we go in without being seen?" Moonbyul asked.
"There's a back door that's unlocked"
"Okay let's get going then!"

Moonbyul put on training gloves, she won't be using any weapons. Wendy took her two handguns, one will be tucked in on the back of her pants and will be holding the other one. Jennie and Jisoo took out their rifles. Rosé will be staying outside to be a sniper. And Lisa took out her samurai. The five of them went inside, with Jennie being the lead.

Inside the abandoned building, the only thing that can be heard is Seulgi voice echoing throughout the building. It was not difficult to find with room Seulgi was in since they could her a screaming.

There was a car that was coming toward her direction. When the car stopped next to their cars, Rosé automatically pointed sniper rifle to the person that stepped out.

***hey jennie***
***yes rosé***
***I got company here***
***how many***
***three girls***
***are they armed?***
***just one of them***
***wait actually I think I know her***
***who is it?***
***its joy***
***and the other two***
***i think they're models?***
***uhhh okay, well we're standing outside the door from where Seulgi is at***
Rosé walked over to Joy.

"Joy what are you doing here and who are those two?!??"
"That tiny girl in the back is Irene, she's Seulgi's girlfriend and the other girl is Moonbyul's."
"you didn't answer my first question!"
"the tiny girl managed to grabbed my gun and pointed it at me and told me to bring her here and besides there were two men at the place we were staying and we had no choice but to leave. Plus I managed to take care of them by myself"
"Well can you guys come over with me. We'll have to hid"
"yea sure"

Joy asked Irene and Solar to follow her and took them to Rosé hiding spot. Then they heard screaming, Irene had a worried look on her face because by the sound of that voice sounded familiar, and it was Seulgi's.
Inside the abandoned building
Jennie and Moonbyul decided that Moonbyul will take care of G-Dragon, Jisoo and Wendy will handle Seungri, and Jennie and Lisa will be with T.O.P.

Before Jennie could've kicked the door open, they heard G-Dragon talking to Seulgi.

"You know Seulgi.... you have no idea how long i've been waiting for this moment! Your father was... a good friend of mine. Everything he'd achieved is all thanks to me. The company that we both worked hard for has reached billions of dollars!! Supposedly we were going to split it up in half, but I worked hard than your dad!!! I deserved all of it. Not him. And the only way for me to get all of it was to kill him. But then your mom walked into his office and saw me killed him. I had no choice but to kill her too. At the funeral, I found out that I won't be getting any money NOT A SINGLE DIME!!!!!!!! BECAUSE APPARENTLY ITS YOU WHO WILL BE INHERITING THE COMPANY!!! YOU DON'T EVEN DESERVE IT!"
"and... you... do...?" Seulgi said weakly.
"I...AM... A... KANG... AFTER-ALL!!!"

G-Dragon took out a gun and pointed it at Seulgi head.

*DOOR OPENS (Jennie kicks it)

"I WOULDN'T DO THAT IF I WERE YOU!!" Moonbyul yelled out.
G-Dragon questioned.
"KILL THEM" he demanded.

T.O.P and Seungri ran towards the girls. Jennie started to shoot on T.O.P while Lisa is running towards him with her samurai making a spark on the ground. The other two Jisoo and Wendy started to shoott on Seungri. Moonbyul's priority is to get G-Dragon away from Seulgi.

Moonbyul ran to G-Dragon.

"What... no weapon?" G-Dragon laughed at Moonbyul who fist were up.
"I'm better without it"  Moonbyul said confidently.
"We'll see about that" G-Dragon started to shoot at Moonbyul who was running towards him. Luckily she managed to dodge all the bullets coming at her.

Moonbyul then kicked the gun out of his hand and started to throw some punches. As she punched him in the gut, G-Dragon started to cough out some blood.

Jisoo and Wendy had brought Seungri down. While Jennie and Lisa are still fight T.O.P. Sadly T.O.P knocked down Lisa. T.O.P grabbed Lisa's samurai and was about to pierce it through her chest but Jennie stopped him by shooting at his arm. He looked back at Jennie and started to walk towards her. Jennie's gun was already out of bullets and T.O.P grabbed her by her collar lifting her up to his face, then threw her. He picked up a gun on the ground and pointed it at her, but before he can pulled the trigger, Lisa put her samurai went through his chest. And they both fell down. Jennie got up and walked towards Lisa and laid her head on her thighs.

Moonbyul was still having a fist fight with G-Dragon. Both of them are throwing and receiving punches. Wendy ran over to
G-Dragon and jumped on his shoulders so she can twist his head. Moonbyul's face was already bleeding and has bruises. The three guys are laying on the ground.

A couple seconds later, Irene, Joy, Solar, and Rosé went inside. The first thing Irene did was scanning the room, finding Seulgi but instead what she saw we're three men who were laying on the ground with six girl who were badly injured. While just standing there looking at everyone she saw a girl in the back who was tied up on a chair with her face facing down and with her clothes filled with blood. She knew it was Seulgi, so she ran to her.

As she was running towards Seulgi she started to tear up. She lifted up her face and saw how badly beaten up she was. She had cuts all over her face, with her eyes shut and a black-eye.

"Seulgi! Baby it's me"said Irene.
"Please wake up!!!! I'm here now!!!"

Seulgi didn't move.

"Someone untie her please!!!!" Irene yelled.

Joy walked over to her and pulled out a knife to cut the rope. Moonbyul went over to Irene and help her lay Seulgi on the ground.

"it looks like she lost a lot of blood Irene"
"I called an ambulance and they're on their way" Rosé said.
"bear... please hang in there... please... don't leave me" Irene started to cry.

To be continued...

(To be honest, I had a really hard time writing this! I don't like writing sad stories but oh well! I hope it's not boring but to give a spoiler for the next chapter, there will be a new character. So stay tuned!!! 😉)

 So stay tuned!!! 😉)

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