"I'm going to take her out some day." I smirked and Georgina widened her eyes, and when she was about to interrupt me, I justified my decision, "I'll get closer to her to make her think we're okay and then I'll take her to the restaurant where we were having dinner when she fucking killed mom. She'll see the street where she died and maybe that way she'll understand my dislike for her. And if I'm lucky enough, she'll stop bothering me and trying to make things work between us."

Georgina nodded her head, understanding what I just told her. She took my cup of tea and finished it as well, making me glare at her, "What do you mean with she tries to make things work between you both?"

"She talks to me almost everyday, asking how am I and what am I doing and shit like that. I'm just not buying it because, one, I hate her and, second, she's so fucking annoying."

From the corner of my eye, I saw Rosana's daughter look at me with wide eyes and then she returned to her work. I ignored it and focused on Georgina, instead.

"Such a brave girl, Harry. I actually wonder how didn't you try to fuck her yet. After all, she's pretty, hot and smart, unlike your fuck toy Jessica", she smirked adjusting the top of her blue shirt and I rolled my eyes.

"She fucked up my life and I'm going to fuck hers as well, but I surely won't fuck her. She's not my type." I lied.

I mean, I wasn't lying since she's not the type of woman I fuck. She's skinny, fragile and innocent, not what I look for in a woman. But I have to admit that I wouldn't mind fuck her restlessly and roughly. Her innocence, unexpectedly, is very attractive to me. I can't deny it. It's like every small movement of hers makes me want to fuck her in the moment. And I know it's wrong to picture those lips, which used to innocently kiss me goodnight six years ago, around my cock. But I just can't help it but feel hard when I imagine such things.

Georgina rolled her eyes, "And what's your type? Whores? Celebrities? Daughters of rich daddies?" she tilted her head to the side. "Oh, we shouldn't forget about big boobs and big asses."

"I appreciate a good body, that's it."

"A good body doesn't mean exaggerated curves, Harry", she pointed out and I shrugged. Why was she giving me shit for wanting a good fuck? I couldn't fuck someone skinny as hard as I fuck a curvy and well composed woman, she would surely faint or something like that. Georgina can't blame me for that.

The glass kitchen door opened when I was about to defend my point of view, reviling one of my maids whose name I didn't know. She looked at Rosana stressed and the African maid seemed to understand the look she was giving her. They both looked extremely suspicious, making me wonder what was going on. When the maid looked at me she panicked even more, while Rosana just shook her head fast at her, trying to get unnoticed by me. Guess what, I'm a gang leader, nothing goes unnoticed by me.

I waited for them to say something, but they were just looking at each other silently trying to communicate with their eyes. I looked at Rosana's daughter to check if she was also involved but she looked just as confused as me. Georgina, on the other hand, was scrolling in her phone distracted.

"Can someone tell me what the fuck is going on?" I snapped and everyone in the room looked at me, expect for Georgina. After a few seconds, the suspicious maid who entered in the kitchen a few moments ago turned her head to Rosana, looking nervous. "What's your name?" I asked.

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