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So I want to dedicate this chapter to carolineklaus4 since your support has been amazing and I feel very grateful towards you!

Also, have you seen After Trailer? If you haven't just please go watch it! I've been a fan of After since 2012 and honestly I didn't think the producers could do anything as good as the books. However, I'm in love with the trailer and if the movie is as good as the book I'll watch it like ten times a day.
I love you, imaginator1D

Happy reading!!

Happy reading!!

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"The worst part of being okay is that okay is far from happy."
-Anna Todd-


P.O.V Harry Styles

"So you're keeping her here to get your revenge?" Georgina drank a little more of her tea and looked at me. The sun was reflecting in her green eyes, making her close them partly.

I drank my tea as well, while Rosana was cleaning the dishes we used at breakfast with her daughter working alongside. I thought about what happened last night and maybe my plan was already working, after all, I made her cry, "Yeah." I shrugged.

Rosana and her daughter both looked at me when they heard my answer, but they quickly returned to their jobs. I know they wouldn't say a thing, at least Rosana. I don't know her daughter but I'm pretty sure she doesn't want to get fired, so she'll keep her mouth shut.

"I just want to warn you about how close you two were in the past. You would do everything for her, what makes you think that you won't go back to loving her like you did?" I was surprised with Georgina's answer, I must admit that I wasn't expecting to hear what she said at all. How could I ever love the person that made me loose my mother?

"I would never had fucking care for her six years ago if I knew about the truth, obviously."

"Please, Harry... You know her, she can make everyone fall in love with her just by saying one word. Elizabeth gives everyone that fake innocent look which makes people think she's an angel. And I know you like pretty things, so I bet that if she tries to get closer to you, you'll surrend." She finished drinking her tea and I laughed.

It was funny the way she thought, really. She thinks I'll surrender to... Rose Elizabeth? That's pretty amusing, knowing that all I want to do with Elizabeth is hurt her deeply and make her suffer. I want my revenge and since she's here, I'm going to get it. How could I ever forgive her? Only a dumb person would do that.

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