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Fluffy and cute- enjoy my loves💓

Since he was on the moon alone for several years, he always wants to keep you close to him, so when you sleep he'll ALWAYS hold your hand, so he knows you're with him. He can never get to sleep if he's not with you.

Normally, you two go to sleep on opposite sides of the bed, but always manage to wake up tangled in each other's limbs, wether your feet are tangled of you'll be holding hands, there's always some kind of contact between you both.

Allison sleeps on your chest. She finds it comforting hearing your heartbeat and it's surprisingly comfortable. She enjoys being able to wrap her arms around you and hug you as you both sleep.

You would both spoon. Being the complete child at heart Klaus is, he's enjoy being the little spoon and you running your hands through his hair. It calms his nightmares and imagination too, just to know you're with him makes him feel better.

Number 5:
You both normally fall asleep on the couch, watching whatever's on tv. Since there's little space, you'd be the little spoon and he'd slowly kiss you neck. As kinky as it sounds, it feels nice to you and helps you sleep, whereas his hands are around your waist, head on top of your head.

Vanya would be sleeping as you slowly wrap your arms around her waist and pull her into you. She'd go bright red every time. Then, she'd turn round and nuzzle her head in your chest, after giving you a sweet peck on the lips. Sweet and simplistic. Vanya in a nutshell.

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