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I have no inspiration, or motivation whatsoever. At least for the two books that I'm writing right now, but i mean i came up with an idea for a new book, but I'm not sure if you guys would like it. It would be a book about BTS, I have two ideas, one just came up while i was writing this, But idea one would be about BTS' struggles, it would mainly be about drama, and "forbidan" Romances, and what it might be like back stage for them, it would all just be made up, but it seems fun to make. Then the other idea i had was a girl in Korea who played the guitar, and sang, she was fluent in English, and Chinese. She was from Seoul, and she made money by playing the guitar her father gave her, and singing. Then one day BTS and Hitman Bang was out on the streets, and she was performing two songs, Serendipity by Jimin, and What I Got by Sublime, they were all impressed, so they asked for her number to contact in case they wanted her as a solo artist, they left like 300,000 won in her guitar case. with the money, she went to a pharmacy, and bought her older brother the medication, and food that he needed. When she made money, she would set it aside for rent, then the would buy her brother the things he needed, she would be lucky to eat one meal a day, her mother left them a month ago, and her father was nowhere in the picture.

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