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"You got me...."

Part Two.

Harley took another sip of her Orange soda as she sat in the trunk of Hassan's truck. Since the trunk had plenty of room, Hassan decided to let his back seats down so they could get comfortable while watching the movie.

"I can't believe this is based on a true story." Hassan chuckled as he gathered his trash. He was full and was starting to get sleepy.

"I can. Sounds like something Harlem and I would do." She laughed. The two of them loved playing around with each other like little kids.

"See, Monica is mean as hell. If I accidentally bump her she would punch me in the chest or the shoulder." He told her before they shared a laugh. She stopped her laughter and rested her head on his shoulder.

"Thank you for this. I really appreciate it." She told him. She always felt at peace whenever she was around him.

"It's no problem. I was thinking we should do something Fourth of July weekend. Since we're both off." He said before planting a kiss on her forehead.

"Yeah." She nodded her head as she climbed on top of him. "I'll love that."

She crashed her lips into his as she pushed him back onto the floor of his trunk. She felt butterflies in her stomach as she deepened the kiss. Hassan placed his hands on her back as he went into her shirt.

"Hassan!" She semi-yelled once she felt him raise her shirt up. He completely forgot about the trunk being open and went to go shut it. He pressed the button on the door of the trunk and it closed automatically. She smiled and pulled him closer to her.

"You want it to happen right here?" He asked her. She looked around the crowded parking lot and quickly shook her head no.

"Sorry." She said as he sat next to her. She felt bad as she adjusted her shirt.

"It's cool." He said honestly. As much as she wanted to have sex with him, now wasn't the time and he understood that.


Hasani walked out of the office and headed towards his assistant's desk just as she was about to head home for the day.

She looked up at him and smiled. "Hello Mr. Forde. I have the numbers for those artists you asked for."

Hasani quickly grabbed the index cards that was full of telephone numbers and placed them in his pocket. He planned on calling every number on that list tomorrow morning.

"Thank you Porsha." He smiled back before he turned on his heels to walk towards the elevator.

"Oh wait Mr. Forde!" She yelled as she grabbed the slip of paper that was on her desk. "A woman named Angela called. She told me to tell you that she's almost home."

Hasani grew nervous once he heard the name. He hadn't heard the name in years and wondered how she knew about his company.

"Thank you Porsha. Goodnight." He forced a smile onto his face before pressing the Down button on the elevator. He had to tell Maxine immediately.

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