Chapter Three

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The clanking of utensils against the ceramic plate broke the silence in the large dining room.

"Sorry," I said with a clenched jaw. The servant purposely gave me a lump of hard meat.

I was a ticking bomb this evening. My foul mood had been emitting in my presence for quite a while now. I glared at the hard ass meat on my plate while Nikolai, my husband, pretends that I did not exist in this house.

It was like any other meal I had with this guy. He wouldn't speak if I didn't initiate a conversation. It was really exhausting, thinking for more topics after he replies words that will end the conversation.

I grabbed a banana on the basket and decided to change my course of meal. It won't do me good if I stay on slicing the meat, I would be chewing the meat for an hour before I could swallow it.

It took me six bananas and four cups of water to be full.

"Not going to eat your meat? I request the cook to serve your favorite food," he said.

    Nikolai Grant Trevelyan, the young Duke of the west of Wisteria kingdom. A well-known soldier who fought against the neighboring kingdom with the General, my grandfather, on his side leading their kingdom to victory on their bloodied hands

I gave him a side look before leaning back at the chair and closing my eyes. "I am not aware that you actually care about my likes and dislikes."

There was a brief silence that made me think he was already gone but I was wrong, he spoke clearly with calculated words, "Because you're my wife that's why I know."

I opened my eyes and looked at him, surprise visible on my face. His cold metallic blue eyes were watching me. Those eyes of grey and blue were like a spell that makes someone crave for his attention, eyes that cost me my life. Who would have thought that the cold eyes of his would melt into a passionate and loving look?

     My laughter burst out of my mouth echoing the vast room. Nik looked at me with slightly furrowed brows. I stood up still laughing but softly now coming to a stop. Patting his arm I said, "Good joke. You almost had me there." I turned and walked away.

That was my first time hearing him say that. I almost fall for that, my heart was pounding back there.

     My smile fell as I climbed the staircase. Nik will never see me as his wife. He already said those hurtful words when I was the old Catriona, it wasn't a slap on my face but a stab in my heart. Now, I couldn't blame him, his heart already belonged to someone else and I knew now that pushing myself to him will only lead to more hatred from him.

Even though he lied it was good to hear. If he was Nick I would melt in an instant and punched him smiling goofily at his sweet words.

     But Nick was gone and so was our son. I have no one.

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