Day 3

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Ten Reasons Not To Die

Day 3- Baking

                Evan rang by the orphanage late in the afternoon the next Monday after school ended. I wasn’t expecting to see him, but I wasn’t surprised, either.

                “Do you know this boy?” Mother Grace asked me after calling me down from my room. She tried her best to hide the shocked tone in her voice, since I never, ever get any visitors.

                My eyes locked with Evan’s, as he gave me a small smile. “We go to school together.”

                “Oh.” Mother Grace smiled back at Evan. “It’s nice to see you with a friend, Remy.”

                I licked my lips. “We aren’t necessarily-“

                “If you don’t mind, Mother Grace,” Evan shot her a sweet smile, “I’d like to take Remy out for an hour or two?”

                Mother Grace nodded, patting me on the back. I groaned, rolling my eyes as she gave me a small shove towards Evan. “Take her out as long as you want. Remy barely ever leaves the orphanage, except when she goes to school.”

                Evan grinned. “I’ll take good care of her.”

                With that, I followed Evan out of the orphanage. Mother Grace closed the doors behind us, as I gave Evan a look. “Where are you taking me today?” I asked, sarcasm dripping from my tone.

                Evan ignored my sarcastic remark, as he told me to get in his car. “I’m going to take you to my uncle’s bakery.”

                I frowned. “What are we going to do at a bakery?”

                “We’re going to learn how to make triple chocolate cookies.” Evan simply said.

                We pulled up at a bakery that was well known in our town. I’ve been here once before, but that was before my parents died. They once took me here on my birthday, and let me choose whichever cake I wanted. I ended up picking the tastiest and chocolaty cake there was. I even remember the sly grin on Evan’s uncle’s face when I told him what I wanted.

                “Evan!” a man said with flour all over his hands. “It’s good to see you, boy.”

                “It’s nice to see you too, Uncle Frank.” Evan pulled me forward, introducing me. “This is Remy Montgomery, one of my friends.”

                Frank raised an eyebrow at Evan suggestively. “Are you sure the two of you aren’t more than that?”

                My eyes widened, as Evan turned beet red beside me. “Yes, I’m sure Uncle Frank.” He hissed. “Did you get all the ingredients out to make the cookies?”

                “Of course, Evan!” Uncle Frank smirked. “Your parents made sure I made the date perfect for the two of you. They were starting to get worried that you were turning gay, since you never went on a date before.”

                I muffled back a laugh, as Evan fumed beside me. His arm latched around my wrist, pulling me towards the kitchen. “Let’s go, Remy.” He muttered with embarrassment.

                “Have you ever baked before?” he asked, as we entered the kitchen area.

                I shook my head. “All the nuns do the cooking back in the orphanage.”

                “Alright.” Evan chuckled. “I’ve never baked, either. So, I guess we’re starting from scratch.”

                I smiled slyly. “Great. So we start making the dough, right?”

                Evan looked confused as he stared at all the ingredients. “Right.” He muttered unsurely, taking a few eggs from the fridge. “Let’s start by cracking these.”

                We cracked the eggs, occasionally getting some shells in the bowl. As I began to whisk the eggs and add sugar and salt, Evan was trying to figure out how to open the bag of flour. “Do we have any scissors here?” he asked, trying to rip open the seal. Just as I was about to hand him a pair of scissors, the bag of flour erupted onto his face.

                He stared up at me with disbelief; face entirely covered with white powder. I bit back a laugh, as I handed him the scissors. “Still need them?” I asked teasingly.

                Evan stood up, as the flour dripped down to his shirt. “You think this is funny?” he asked, raising a white eyebrow.

                I grinned as he began to come closer to me. My smile faded once he began to open his arms out wide. “What are you-“ I started off.

                Evan pulled me into a bone crushing hug, rubbing his face all over my shoulder. I coughed from all the flour, pushing him off.

                When I pulled away, I noticed powder all over my hair and clothes. I glared at Evan, picking up the carton of eggs. “You’re going to regret that, Woods.” I smirked, tossing a egg in his direction.

                The egg landed on his chest, cracking open. Evan’s face was priceless, as he took some baking powder out from a bowl. He tossed it in my direction, as the powder covered me entirely.

                I glared at him.

                This meant war.

                Not even after a few minutes, we were covered in baking necessities from head to toe. We looked ridiculous.

                “How are the cookies going?” Frank poked his head in.

                His eyes widened at the mess, as his jaw dropped. “Oh my Lord!” he yelped.

                I bit my lower lip guiltily. “I-I’m so sorry. I’ll clean it up.”

                “Oh no, honey!” he stared at me. “I’m not blaming you! I’m blaming Evan here! How do you egg a girl on your first date?!”

                Evan’s eyes shifted over to mine, as a grin spread across his lips. “Reason number three, Remy. Baking. We should definitely bake more often.”

                “Not in my kitchen!” Frank snapped.

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