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"You are going to regret this so, so much," Seungmin mutters under his breath as both he and Hyunjin walks down to the pitch

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"You are going to regret this so, so much," Seungmin mutters under his breath as both he and Hyunjin walks down to the pitch.

Being part of the quidditch team is last in Seungmin's non-existent bucket list of the things he needs to do before he dies a slow and painful death. Gruesome, but that's the truth. To be honest, if anything, he'd rather be curled up on the common room loveseat and doze off to the flickering of the fireplace. But Hyunjin tells him the semi-finals are in about four weeks, and they need to fit in as much practise time as possible.

"Well, you did tell me to raise my grades," Hyunjin remarks, twirling his wand in his hand. "Which sounds completely delusional to me right now, but hey, I'm saved from Kwon Yujin's wrath."

"Yeah I've noticed," Seungmin gives the boy a glance through the sides of his eyes. "You've been very happy since you last had a talk with Kwon -- which was almost two weeks ago?"

"Positive vibes, my friend."

"You make me sick," Seungmin fake gags when they approach the middle of the field.

The news of the Hwang Hyunjin taking a hiatus from quidditch had spread among the students of Hogwarts like a bush fire on a summer's day. Whenever the boy walks down the corridors, someone will always come up to him and ask why he's taking a break, but he will only smile politely at them and continue to walk on.

The news of Seungmin replacing Hyunjin, however, had spread faster. Who would have thought, the usually somewhat cold and cool best friend of the bright and sunny Hyunjin (who had only been to less than a dozen of quidditch matches) would replace the star seeker? A hidden talent, perhaps, but even Seungmin doesn't even know if he's gifted at the sport and that's why he's convinced that Hyunjin will regret it.

Hyunjin sets down the equipment crate with a heavy sigh, stretching his back with a yawn. The Wednesday is nearing evening; the sun is already dipping behind the towers of the castle and painting faint orange streaks in the darkening sky. The wind is getting chilly, but an hour outside wont hurt, right?

"Now, Hyunjin," Seungmin mutters, holding his broom anxiously, "I haven't been on this thing ever since First Year, which is - mind you - five years ago so I don't know how this will work."

Letting out a laugh, Hyunjin pats his best friend on the shoulder in a reassuring manner. "You'll be fine," he says, before bending down to open the crate and flip open the small compartment on the lid where the snitch is kept. He pulls it out and inspects it, the ball glinting under the sunlight.

"Okay, we're good with this one," he finally says after looking at it closely.

"Now, your job is to only focus on this little guy," Hyunjin tells Seungmin, juggling the snitch in his hand. "Don't even bother if another team mate falls off their broom; keep your eyes on this thing."

Seungmin nods in understanding, the grip on the old Firebolt (Hyunjin found it at the back of the equipment closet all dusty and dirty, don't tell Seungmin as the broom he's using is old) getting tighter and tighter by the second.

"You do know how to mount a broom, right?" Hyunjin asks as he closes the lid of the box in fear of the bludgers coming loose on its belts and fly out.

"I guess so," Seungmin says, "I mean; I did it once, why shouldn't I be able to do it again?"

"Now get on, I want to see how fast you catch this," the older Slytherin says, nodding at the broom.

With a heavy sigh, and with perhaps not much choice as of now, Seungmin swings his leg over the stick and positions himself on it, getting familiar with the feeling of holding the equipment.

"This is smaller than I remember," he comments. Seungmin shivers at the thought of the broom splitting into two in the middle of the air, his figure tumbling down from the sky and will be squashed flat on the grass.

"You weren't very tall back then, idiot," Hyunjin scoffs.

"You weren't either!"

"It was First Year!"

"Well it makes perfect sense!"

"Still, it was First Year!"

"Guess who's the idiot now," Seungmin shows Hyunjin his un-amused face. He then pushes the latter's forehead with his hand in which he responds with a dirty look.

Hyunjin rolls his eyes. "Anyway, I'm going to let this go," he explains, "you're going to go after it two minutes after I released it, okay?"

"Yeah, whatever," the younger shrugs off in confidence, "easy peasy, no worries."

"I love your enthusiasm," and with that, Hyunjin's hand opens and the small golden ball buzzes into the air, moving in rapid and sharp movements.

In the distance, Yujin watches the two carefully from the windows of the library. She looks cold and empty as usual, but behind her icy demeanor, there is a girl who is using up all her energy to not cry.

She could feel her lungs squeezing, calling out to her that it needs air, more air. Her muscles are tensing as she clenches her first, trying to ignore the sharp poking feeling at the bottom of her stomach.

The pain is driving her crazy. She tears her eyes from the world outside and tries to focus on her Care for Magical Creatures essay, but her vision is getting blurry and stars are starting to appear.

Breathe in, breathe out.

In, out.

Deep breaths don't help, a stinging feeling shocks her through her body. Not breathing is not a choice, her lungs need the air. So her breaths become uneven as she hunches over her book, choking back a sob.

Many students pass by her, but choose to ignore the suffering quidditch star. She was probably too focused, no disturbances allowed. Kwon Yujin was known to be snappy when people break her focus bubble. Never had it crossed their minds about how much she's in pain right now.

She couldn't take it anymore, and so she packs up her stuff quickly before rushing out of the library, knocking into some people but she doesn't care. She needs to breathe, and her muscles feel as if they'll freeze at any moment.

Nobody can know; so she walks in confident strides with her chin held high - the classic Slytherin walk - and using every willpower left in her, she pushes the doors open and the outside wind blows on her face. Yujin shivers at the cold, the temperature not helping her.

Yujin needs her air.

With one last ragged breath, she quickly makes her way across the yard and makes sure she wasn't being watched. Yujin lowers her head, making her smooth silky hair fall to cover her face. She mustn't be seen, especially by the two boys she is approaching so she pulls out her wand out of her pocket and whispers a spell, not a second later, her hands disappear along with her arms, her feet and the rest of her body.

Yujin crashes behind a viewing stand, on the verge of tears as another streak of pain shoots through her.

"Please, please, please..." she whispers inaudibly even though she knows nobody will hear the calling of her pleas.

She lets out a sigh of relief when the throbbing sting in her chest slowly disappear, the headache relieving and her muscles relaxing. Yujin takes a deep breath, and even though the air was cold and felt as if it's about to freeze her brain, she couldn't be more happy.

"Wow, I'm actually getting tired just from watching you play," the Seventh Year Slytherin overhears a certain blond haired boy speak.

"You're such a grandpa," she hears his best friend shouts over the wind.

Yujin lets out a low chuckle and sigh.


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