Chapter 1

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*Sakshi pov*

I am standing in the middle of meadows and at far there is my prince charming, i couldn't see his face everyday but I want to today.

I am running towards him but suddenly everything started shaking. Oh my god its earth quake I am hoping for it to stop but it is not stooping. There were some sounds coming from nowhere. 

Suddenly i was sitting and i looked around and saw that i am in my room and the shaking is from my mom who is trying to wake me up.

"Wake up Sakshi. Today it is not a simple day. You have to start getting ready from now itself to be completely ready by evening." My mom started saying.

I got up completely and gave my mom a tight hug who is ready to have a panic attack.

"I know mom today is my wedding doesn’t worry." I assured her.

"Yes aunty leave her to us. You can look after other important works." Came the reply from my two best friends who entered my room just now.

My mom leaved us then they both gave me hugs and lalitha said "Were you dreaming about Jiju(brother in law)." she started asking teasing me.

I just laughed it and went to wash room. When i returned they both were in heated arguments.

"What happened guys?" I asked them worried.

"See Trisha is still bickering about you having an arranged marriage." Lalitha told me scolding Trisha.

"Seriously Sakshi just get eloped from this marriage i will help you come on." Trisha told me raising her voice a little.

I shushed her and rushed towards my door closing it and said, "Are you mad Trisha? Do you know what would happen if anyone listened to that. My father would have killed me and it would have become chaos in here."

"Sorry Sakshi. Now let's make you a perfect bride." Trisha told me.

They started doing my makeup and everything. I just sat calmly and they took care of me completely.

Today is my wedding and I am going to be a House wife. Ya there is a small wish to study further and not get married at 21 years old. But it makes my family happy and that's what I am going to do.

It's time to go to the wedding venue when we were about to leave my father reached me with unshed tears in his eyes and said "You are always my perfect daughter who became my pride. Now you are going to be Pride for another family. I wish all the happiness for you princess."

"Thank you dad. I know you will always be there for me no matter what happens." I told him.

I have a perfect family. They all love me to no end. It makes me sad to leave them but everyone must don't they.

After reaching the venue, my friends stayed near me in our allotted room.

Trisha suddenly asked "Is Jaan going to be here today. You met him two days back right."

"Ya I had to lie to everyone and go for meeting him as I was not allowed to go outside mostly. He was angry and then started crying but said he will try to come." I told them.

"Poor man. He must have been so heart broken for him to cry." Lalitha said concernly.

"Yes but what can we do I have to get married right and he need to accept that." I told them.

After few minutes there was a knock at the door. So this is it then......... 

*Rakesh pov*

Today is my brother's marriage. Everyone is happy. But i know that there is going to be a very terrible incident.

My brother marriage was fixed to Sakshi my classmate at school. I haven't seen her for few years. 

But she was a beauty, everyone were fond of her. Everyone said that she is total good girl and cultural.

This is my brother's life I need to make sure that she is perfect for him. So I have been investigating on her but not deep just mild.

Everything was perfect until two days back I saw her coming from her house suspiciously looking around so no one can see her. I followed her to a corner cafe and saw her hugging another man and consoling him. So she is playing with many hearts.

I clicked the photos of them with the man's picture clearly. I debated myself about showing them to my brother or not.

At last decided to go for it and showed them. I told him how I got them and everything about pictures after that at first for few minutes he has blank expression then said that he can't marry her.

I helped him for running away but I couldn’t form words to tell this to our parents so he said he will call them and inform. But he didn't so I have to inform them.

They got the information about that just now with all the guests sitting and waiting for the wedding. Even the Sakshi's parents received the news. Now we were going to tell this to Sakshi.

I don't know what will happen after this......

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