Twenty four

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We arrived at the lady's house, who I believe her name is Fiona. We went inside and she offered us drink which we politely declined, besides Ryan.

Soph-"You know when people offer you drinks you're just meant to be nice and say no."

Rye-"But if I say no then I would be lying."

Soph-"And it matters why?"

Rye-"Didn't your parents ever teach you it was bad to lie Sophia. Tut, tut, tut."

Soph-"Tut At me again and I'll slap you." I obviously meant it as a joke ave he got that because he did it again, so I pretend 'jumped' on him.

Isla-"We should have just come alone."



Isla-"Facts though innit."

As she said that Fiona cane in with the dog and he was adorable. He was a little chocolate Labrador and he was so small. Rye talked to Fiona for a bit about the care for the dog while the rest of us played with him.

Soph-"Too bad you're only having him for tomorrow."

Andy-"I know he's too cute."

The dog walked away to get a toy but he didn't come back. All of we're trying to get his attention but he wouldn't come.

Isla-"Biscuit." She said which was quite random but the dog started to come towards us.

Soph-"I'm sorry...How did you know it's name?!"

Fiona walked in and laughed. She leaned against the door frame and started to speak.

Fiona-"He doesn't have a name. But he seems to like Biscuit."

Rye-"Are you sidekick Isla?"

Isla-"No I just like food."

Soph-"Ok, actually me."

A few minutes later we got in the car to take Biscuit home.

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