Chapter 59.

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Trigger Warning.

"You been talking a big game

Rattled a few names

I think you think I'm intimidated

Contemplating taking stabs at your back but I don't need to

Cause I got what they all want

I've been the one to make em nervous

Make 'em question all the work they've done"



"Don't you dare call me that" David snaps, bristling in his seat.

Jimmy shrugs, relaxing into the chair "My bad David, old habits die hard I guess old man"

"Why the fuck did you bring him here?" David hisses at me, looking furious.

I pout, sticking my bottom lip out dramatically "Awe what's wrong David? Worried everyone at your company and your investors are going to find out Andy isn't yours? That you had a whole family you just left like they never existed? That you've got a gay, degenerate fuck up for a son?"

"Hey!" Jimmy scolds indignantly "I'm sitting right here you ass"

I look at Jimmy, frowning"You know I meant it in a nice way"

Jimmy shrugs, dipping the corner of his lips down with a lift of his brows, looking as if saying 'yeah, true'.

"I mean, I am a fuck up, but you left out drop dead fuckin gorgeous too" he grins.

Jimmy looks to David, sighing "Guess it's a good thing I got my looks from mum and wasn't stuck with a head like yours, I'd never get laid"

David just looks at Jimmy like he hates him, and I recognise the look, he looked at him the same when we were kids.

Jimmy was the closest thing I had to a friend back then, the only one that was nice to me, aside from his mum.

He's older than me, by about four years so it was almost like having a big brother - but my father and David hated us spending time together, said we were a couple of pansies that only encouraged each other.

I knew I was completely alone when David took Jimmy and his mum back to Australia, I knew I was alone with him then, and after he died, so when I turned 18 I just came here to the closest thing to family I knew.


"How is your mother anyway, still drinking?" David asks spitefully and for the first time Jimmys reaction falters.

"She's still dead, thanks for asking though" he throws back bluntly, but then smirks to himself.

"And just to let you know, thanks to her not being a cunt like you, I'm still here, and I do get laid" Jimmy continues, pulling his feet off the table, and resting his elbows on his knees with a satisfied expression "Got a nice big dick at home I can have whenever I want, I know how much you'd love that"

"I don't need to hear about the filthy shit you do, there's a reason you're dead to me, as far as I'm concerned I never had a son" David hisses, screwing his face up in disgust.

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