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Once Keira was taught exactly what happens when you play with fire. 

The memory was still fresh in her mind as if it happened yesterday. She just turned thirteen and she was granted to leave the clan house for a week. For someone like her, it was as if she was granted to have the moon as she was never allowed to go outside their clan house before that day.

Gemma, her two sisters, and Keira, the four of them were supposed to go to the lake house near the woods. To say that she was not expecting herself to get lost in the lies, walking right into a trap would be enough to show how naive she really was.

After spending four days in total bliss and happiness, her fifth day started as her being woke up in the woods, a gag in her mouth and her arms secured tightly behind her with ropes. With horror, she realized that she was hanging upside down from a tree.

Trying to scream her way out was impossible as she couldn't even see the lake let alone the lake house from that distance. Trying to breath was hard when her mind was frozen with fear. Her head churned, the blood rushing into her brain making herself dizzy. No one knew what went through this part of the woods. Everywhere she looked was tree and tree, no people.

Meaning no help.

A crunching sound became her lifeline as she noticed a boy not more than twenty walking towards her side. As he got closer she realized that he was from the Red clan. So someone must've felt her fear and sent help. She tried to scream again but all it came out as some gurgled sound. Desperate for help she tried to swing but her dizziness was making it harder for her to seek help.

"You ok there?" A voice startled her as she looked down to see the same boy looking up at her with an unknown emotion. She felt a small piece of hope within herself as she shook her head rigidly, gagging more.

What she thought would be a help was turned into a nightmare as the said boy who was supposed to help her, gathered some leaves and in a second dropped a match in the ground.


The first time she felt so hopeless watching the fire around her like she was some kind of lamb waiting to be barbequed. She tried to scream, yell at him, ask what the hell he was doing but the dizziness along with the strong smell of burnt leaves made her dry heave, which she could still remember as the nastiest time of her life.

Tears sting at the back of her eyes but she couldn't for the life of her understand why he was doing it. She never even talked to him personally before that day. So what did she do to deserve this fate? She did her best to inhale deeply but that was a mistake as instead of air, she started to inhale smoke.

"Doesn't feel good, is it?" His voice was harsh as he started to undo her ropes. "Well...that's what happens when you play with fire, little girl."

She remembered praying over and over that he didn't drop her in the fire. She kept chanting in her mind to stay alive. Then in a second she was out of the fire circle and staring at the boy's angry eyes. What she got from them rendered her to silence. He loathed her. Why did he loathe her?

"You think just because your father gave you shelter suddenly you become the princess? You are weak, you hear me!" He shook her by her shoulder so badly that she thought she was going to pass out from the force he was using. She couldn't even talk as he didn't remove the gag. Suddenly she was shoved to the ground, her chin roughly turned to look at him.

"When I talk to you, you look at me. Am I being clear?" Fear of not knowing what he could do had her nodding frantically. Satisfied with her answer, he started yelling again.

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