Chapter FortySix- Two Little Devils

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Chapter FortySix- Two Little Devils

July 29th: Waxing Gibbous

    Sadie and I were now having this intense staredown that probably could have waited until later. It was much different than the mood from earlier where I was trying to protect her. Now I just felt like slapping her for being such an idiot and a liar. One thing I couldn't stand was lying and to be honest, she made that hate ten times worse. 

    The sad part was that I could have cared less that she was my half sister. My father was a horrible man so what was I to do about it? It angered me though that she'd apparently visited him while he was in prison. That man was mentally unstable and she thought to meet with him. How crazy was this sister of mine? 

    It didn't matter though because York broke in through the intense air. "Okay...things have gotten awkward so why don't we bring the tone down a bit. I've got to go help out with some pack stuff. Why don't you join me Ren. Sadie, one of the other pack members can show you around if you ask."

    Reluctantly, Sadie and I drew our eyes away from each other and went our seperate ways, trying not to get back into a staring contest as we went. I couldn't help throwing her furtive glances though as I walked along with York, a scowl lodged on my face as my eyes darted toward her until I saw the flick of her hair leave out the front door. 

    Although I really didn't want to follow York, I went with his instructions and we met up with a few of the pack members that I'd spotted around the house. It was apparent they still weren't too happy with us staying in their home, but they had yet to say anything on the matter. 

    York discussed a few things with them before leaving once again, motioning for me to follow. I wasn't sure why he wanted me to do pointless things with him, but I guess it was a good opportunity for me to keep my mind off things. He probably didn't want a fight between Sadie and I to break out. There was already enough drama going around to satisfy everyone for a long time. Honestly, how we were dealing with it all was amazing. 

    Once York was done with his little errands he told me I could go find some of my other pack members, but he'd like it if I avoided Sadie. So he really was trying to keep us away from each other. Still, that was probably a very smart move on his part. 

    I spotted Joseph sitting alone on the front porch so I made my way over to him, sighing as I took the breaking seat next to him. It was a wonder how it was holding up my weight considering it cracked as I sat down, buckling slightly under the pressure of my body. 

    "Well, this has been fun..." I mumbled, trying somehow to make small talk. I wasn't doing to well though and I could tell Joseph wasn't in a talking mood. 

    For awhile we sat there in silence, but the more we stayed quiet, the more I could see Joseph's discomfort. Out of the corner of my eye I really examined him, seeing that he had deep dark circles under his eyes as if he hadn't gotten much sleep. His hands were shaking slightly and he was trying to hide the fact by twiddling his thumbs. His hair was a dishevled mess which seemed to go well with his unmatched clothes. How I hadn't noticed all of these details before was beyond me, but now that I had, I was worried something was seriously wrong with him. 

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