chapter 4

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Author note:

Hello there my lovely readers, thank you for reading this (crap) story, as you guys know my hand hurts from typing but that doesn't stop me from updating hehehe, so I hope you guys enjoy this dressrosa arc... And also I'll be changing some of the story because I want to write this book with my own idea so... Lets get into it...


No one pov:

The news about Doflamingo's resignation from the Shichibukai spreads quickly around the world. From one island to another asks about the weapons deal with the Donquixote family for a war in their favor.

Jewelry Bonney look at the newspaper about Luffy and Law's alliance also about the rumour witch joining the strawhats as she curiously reads it while eating a piece of pizza.

People reaction to the news about the alliances will lead to no good and how did the witch join the strawhats?, and also Doflamingo must have had his reasons for resigning. Jinbe also read the news.

At the Kid Pirates' base, the crew is reading the news and wonder how their alliance made and also wonders how the hell did the witch join them!?. "It does not matter how their alliance was made but what is with the witch, why did she join them?".

As it bothers him on why she join them, he make a theories correctly on what is Luffy and Law teaming up against at as they are also going after a Yonko, and he guesses is kaido.

While they targeting shanks, he knows that the witch is shanks daughter and he wonders what she think of what gonna happen to her dad.


Mizuna pov:

At Dressrosa... several Den Den mushi are ringing off non-stop. However Doflamingo doesnt care about it instead he is taking the call from Law and the Straw hats pirates. The Straw Hats are amazed that he picked it up.

Ussop warned them "alright guys we need to be quiet so he does not hear us, especially you luffy!" as he point his hand at luffy.

But ussop was too late as he already at the den den mushi and shouts into the receiever "Oi mingo, I'm luffy and I will be the Pirate King".

Usopp slap his head "what are you doing oi!?" but he didnt flinch or answer him at all. I giggles softly as I am standing next to robin.

Luffy continues, "You are caesar's superior right? And do you know what I did to your subordinates and the children".

On the other side of the receiver is just silent as he listen to what luffy said. "I will give Caesar back as per the deal, if you do anything like at the punk hazard again...I will-" he threaten doflamingo but as luffy about to finish.

Doflamingo cut him off and asks "isnt it been two years since Ace's death, strawhats? After 2 years of disappearing and only to appear now, I wonder what you have been up too, strawhat".

Luffy refuses to answer, but then Doflamingo tells him "I have been looking forward to meet you, strawhat ever since I saw you at the marineford, I have something that you will most surely be interested in". As I hear what he said I know wht it is since I already saw this scene.

Luffy instantly thought "something that I'm interested in.... Is it-" I facepalm as I knows what he gonna say "MEAT!?" and luffy starts fantasizing and his eyes becomes meat, I cant help but giggles, while the other strawhats just sigh.

Law pushes luffy's head away from the receiver, "strawhats-ya dont get pulled into his pace" as Law warn him. Law continue talking to doflamingo because luffy is still in his own dreamland.

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