Hugs/ Cuddles

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- enjoy xox

Let's be honest, Luther is the literal embodiment of a cuddly bear, so you both LOVE hugs. You two could sit there cuddling for hours and not have a care in the world

When you two hug, it normally leads to a makeout session- y'all know what Diego's like. You would normally be the little spoon and you'd sit on the couch or his bed, as he soothingly kissed your neck ;)

Because she's super famous and all, she'd give you a quick hug before going to an award ceremony of meeting, but she'd always make it up to you when she gets back

He always turns it into a joke. You two could go about 3 minutes without Klaus complaining he's bored, then you two start doing crazy things like couple yoga and joking about whatever he sees

Number Five
Everyone thinks he's constantly working, but Five will always make time for you. He'd hug you in bed and you LOVED surprise hugs around the waist, so he'd always do that to you when you wake up in the morning

you'd sleep facing each other. he'd stroke your hair, and your hand would rest on his cheek. throughout the night you'd exchange little pecks before falling asleep

Since Vanya's quite awkward around people, you'd hug her and pull her over to the couch to cuddle, she loved it every time though. It made her feel wanted, special.

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